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Box Art

Sunday - May 12, 2024

Valkyria Chronicles - 10 Things you didn't know

by Hiddenx, 08:37

Erick Landon RPG looks back at Valkyria Chronicles:

10 Things You Didn't Know About Valkyria Chronicles (No Spoilers)

Friday - February 12, 2016

Valkyria Chronicles - PS4 vs PC

by Myrthos, 12:42

Dualshockers are comparing the PS4 and PC versions of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered by means of screenshots. Apparently the PC version has stronger anti-aliasing.

Thanks Couch.

Sunday - August 16, 2015

Valkyria Chronicles - 'Gallian Crossfire' Rebalance Mod

by Hiddenx, 22:06

For the tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles is a new PC-rebalance mod 'Gallian Crossfire' available:


This mod for Valkyria Chronicles is a rebalance mod for the main game and the DLCs, making the game overall more challenging (aside from Selvaria DLC). This mod is made for a fresh new game (start New Game in the opening screen).

  • In this archive, you will find the following files:
  • "My VC Mod" directory: this is the mod itself, copy/paste all the files into your "Valkyria Chronicles" directory (it should be in Steam/SteamApps/common)
  • "Reset Extra DLCs" directory: containing a file named "sysdata.dat" which you can copy into your savedata folder to reset the Extra DLCs (as if you never played "Behind her Blue Flame" and "Enter the Edy Detachment" DLCs).
  • "Files Backup" directory: those are the original files, if you want to revert back to the vanilla version of the game.
  • "README" file: which contains informations about the mod.



The reason is, they are not leader anymore in this mod (they don't give a CP, thus you are not feeling forced to deploy them and can choose who you deploy more freely) and as a result they can be kicked out of squad 7 and can die permanently. It is not gamebreaking in itself except for Chapter 8a battle where Alicia is required to complete one of the victory conditions.

List of changes (overview)


  • A-Rank turn requirements have been changed accordingly due to the rebalance.
  • Rewarded cash and experience bonuses have also been changed. Overall if you A rank and kill all enemies, 50% of the reward is from the base cash/exp bonus, 25% is from the mission rank, and 25% is from killing key targets.
  • Edy Squad Skirmishes don't give any EXP/DCT reward anymore to prevent early-game grinding exploits and the weapons earned have been heavily altered.
  • Enemy stats have been increased so that their stats would be close to Squad 7 units at the same level. Before, enemies had pretty poor stats overall compared to Squad 7.
  • Critical (headshot) damage multiplier has been reduced to x2 damage. It was originally x3.5 in VC1. As another example, it was x2.5 in VC2 & VC3.
  • Damage reduction from evading has been reduced.
  • Defense bonus from camps has been increased.
  • Defense bonus from crawling is changed to be the same as crouching.

Infantry, Structures:

  • All infantry got an AP increase except for Scouts and Engineers.
  • Alicia, Rosie and Largo are no longer leaders with an auto-assigned CP bonus. Also, you are no longer forced to deploy them on certain missions. The number of CPs you get per mission has been changed accordingly to make up for this.
  • Musaad, Lynn, Audrey, Knute and Emile are no longer hidden characters and can be added to the squad like anyone else.
  • Snipers and Anti-Tank Cannons can now fire interception rounds. Snipers have a small interception radius and turn more slowly than other units to face you when preparing to fire.
  • Shocktroopers have a wider interception radius.
  • Blast Armor (Lancer Armor) damage reduction to explosions has been reduced. Lancers can walk on a few mines, but can no longer clear a whole minefield by themselves.
  • Certain enemy units had their vsArmor statistic increased to damage your tanks with their interception fire (For example the Marberry turrets).
  • Enemy aces and bosses also have modified stats.
  • Most enemies now use black armor, while aces retain their red armor; purely aesthetic to make it easy to know that the mod is active.


  • Most weapon stats have been changed overall. As an example accuracy has been increased for most weapons to create less early-game frustration such as Lancers missing from point blank range.
  • Enemy weapon stats have been changed dramatically across the board.
  • Both Anti-Infantry and Anti-Tank mines do more damage.
  • The R&D has been revamped for several weapons to get rid of useless skill trees. For example, Sniper Rifles now have the skill trees "Anti-Infantry", "Anti-Tank", "Interception". Another example is with the Flamethrower skill trees being changed to "Anti-Infantry" and "Anti-Tank".
  • The "Aim" stat is now truer to the aiming reticle.
  • Engineers get their own anti-tank grenades upgrades.
  • Some rifles are Scout-only or Engineer-only now.


  • Enemy tanks' radiator resistance has been increased. Changed to be similar to VC2 and VC3 where killing a tank with a Scout is harder.
  • Edelweiss last weapon upgrade also increases its power and not just its range.
  • Shamrock's gatling can now intercept during enemy turn.
  • Tank parts have been changed to HP (body and tread), DEF (body and tread), Radiator, Accuracy and AP.
  • Tank parts are smaller and give a higher bonus.

    Orders & Potentials:

  • Certain Potentials and Orders have been removed or changed. Example Orders: Caution, Penetration. Example Potentials: Resist Crossfire, Invincible, Phoenix, Double Movement. Some Potentials were changed into a trade-off (for example, "Double Movement" became the "Second Wind" Potential which restores your AP on top of your HP when you use your Ragnaid).
  • Potential Effects and Activation Requirements were also changed overall. Example Potential: "Stealth" which increases Defense is completely useless when no one shoots at you so it was changed to give an Attack boost instead.
  • Potentials have a higher activation rate, many closer to 100%. Before, there were many Potentials that no one ever saw get activated because of their low activation probabilities.
  • Orders were altered overall in regards to effects and CP costs. For example, Defense Boost has been nerfed, and Aim Boost has been buffed.
  • Orders unlock requirements through leveling have been changed completely.
  • The old man at the graveyard can now give you any one of his 9 teachable Orders starting from chapter 4 unlike before where he would have a smaller pool of random orders that increased per chapter. Recon Request is still NG+ only.

Selvaria DLC:

  •     All imperials are now aces.
  •     All imperials are now leaders.
  •     All imperials have powerful weapons.
  •     All imperials have high stats.
  •     All Gallians shall die!


Saturday - April 18, 2015

Valkyria Chronicles - A Fluent Review

by Anonymous, 17:43

In this video I review the PC strategy-RPG, Valkyria Chronicles. I talk about how some of the game systems work, what to expect from various features and give my opinions on the game itself.

Enjoy! Cool


Hi everybody! Today I have a very exciting video for you all! In this video, I give my thoughts, comments and ideas about the excellent strategy-RPG, Valkyria Chronicles!

I keep it spoiler-free for the most part, so you don't have to worry about that. During the video I discuss what I think about the game overall, how some of the features function and if I would recommend it to others.

Consider this a new Fluent video review for my channel!!! :)

Valkyria Chronicles - Battle of Barious Desert

by Anonymous, 01:11

I'm back again with another newsbit and new video! In this video I take a look at a full battle and what to expect from combat in the strategy-RPG, Valkyria Chronicles. The battle is "Battle of Barious Desert" from Chapter 6.

DISCLAIMER - It's 52 minutes long and contains moments of unbridled joy, and also frustration. Enjoy! 


Hello everybody, and thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure! Today, I spend close to an hour in a knock-down, drag-out fight against the Empire, in the daunting "Battle of Barious Desert"!


The battle hopefully has many interesting twists & turns as things play out. My goal is to capture the enemy base closest to mine and then advance behind the Edelweiss over the open desert terrain. To stop me, there are a bunch of snipers in the distance and just enough tanks and shocktroopers to keep me honest!


I'll spoil this much of the battle - it gets INTENSE! I highly suggest watching the entire thing when you have the time because it really picks up steam near the end when the chips are low. Will I be successful? Watch and find out! :)

Thursday - April 16, 2015

Valkyria Chronicles - Quick Look/Preview

by Anonymous, 01:22

In this video, I take a look at the PC JRPG, Valkyria Chronicles, and show off what to expect from the game. An example of a cutscene is shown, some of the headquarters and a bit of the combat gameplay.



Thanks for joining me for this exciting RPG video. In this video, I take a look at the very charming Japanese RPG, Valkyria Chronicles! 

I show off and talk a bit about how combat works, what to expect with the game, how upgrading your troops works and more!

Monday - February 09, 2015

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ RPGFan

by Couchpotato, 04:26

Bob Richardson of RPGFan published a new review for Valkyria Chronicles, and he gave the game a score of 80/100. Here is part of the reason why, and his conclusion

Control is where Valkyria Chronicles truly suffers. Even at the end of the game, I battled the environment when I tried to rotate, turn, or even move forward with my tank. Whether intended or not, moving was a huge chore that resulted in wasted energy as I tried to move efficiently across the field. This was entirely frustrating and I wondered how the developers could bungle one of the core mechanics. In addition, aiming at the head a soldier or body of a tank was finicky at times.

While this title originally released in 2008 has certainly withstood the test of time, it's not Game of the Year. Valkyria Chronicles was a worthwhile trip that I wholeheartedly enjoyed, and I regret exactly zero minutes of my time spent with it. I will likely remember some of the characters and reflect fondly on the relationships made, but only in passing. If I do return to Valkyria Chronicles, it'll be to enjoy some post-game content, meaning additional battles and other challenges. For right now, I just hope that Sega orders the second and third games to MOVE OUT!

Tuesday - January 06, 2015

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ RPG Codex

by Killias2, 20:05

Valkyria Chronicles, the recently PC ported strategy RPG from Sega, has gotten quite a bit of attention since its PC release, and now RPG Codex has joined the discussion with their own take.  Their conclusion:

Let’s be clear, Valkyria Chronicles is not a perfect game. Its gameplay is noticeably flawed, it has limited replayability and a story chockfull of idiotic clichés. Yet even all those drawbacks combined cannot overshadow what truly is a good game. When it was initially released on the PlayStation 3, everything about it was new: the quasi-European setting circa 1935, the CANVAS graphics engine that resembles a watercolor painting in motion, the fresh take on turn-based gameplay....

Thankfully, this time SEGA only had to release the game and watch the money roll in. An established loyal fanbase and years of positive word of mouth made sure that on the first day, Valkyria Chronicles topped Steam charts ahead of blockbuster hits like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassin's Creed Unity that were also launched back then. Furthermore, the port was way, way better quality-wise than anyone dared to expect at the time, particularly based on previous experience. Now if only SEGA continues this trend, there could be a pretty penny for them to earn, and it would make a lot of people happy, me included.


Sunday - December 28, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ IGC

by Couchpotato, 05:15

Nathan O'Grady posted his review of Valkyria Chronicles on the Invision Game Community. He gave the game a final score of 5/5 and call the game a masterpiece.

Valkyria Chonicles is the master of bringing together the normally seperate dimensions of the gaming world. It combines strategy and role-playing into a seamlessly enjoyable hybrid. It creates a fantastic storyline and maintains strong gameplay alongside it, showing little sacrifice on either side of this coin. It even opens up the usually closed-off arena of manga-style titles to an audience who can appreciate it whether this is usually their thing or not. In all, Valkyria Chronicles is a great choice for the all-round gamer, and well worth picking up with some of your Christmas pocket money this year!

Thursday - December 25, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ Game Fanatics

by Couchpotato, 05:28

Game Fanatics posted the latest review for Valkyria Chronicles this week. The site gave the game a final score of 8/10. Read the link for the whole review to see why.

The game holds up exceptionally well after all these years, which has me eagerly anticipating news about the PSP sequels coming to PC. Unfortunately, the third game was never released in the West, but I’m hoping the sales for this game convince Sega to finally do so. Valkyria Chronicles is a hell of a good start.

Tuesday - December 09, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ TechRaptor

by Myrthos, 21:56

TechRaptor reviewed Valkyria Chronicles and the reviewer was thrilled enough to award it with a 9.

There are a few issues with it at times where the game undermines itself on the story front, but not to a huge degree. There are several fridge logic moments that when you spend a little thinking on it, don’t really make any sense despite the other value it might have to the story. As a game with a jrpg style story, it does get a little over sappy in a few times, but it balances out for the most part well. More painful is that several times the game feels the need to both show and tell an event. Show, don’t tell is the classic rule of storytelling, and, in my opinion, applies even more to video games because of the fact that they are an interactive media. However if that’s the rule, it is especially important to not show and tell, which feels heavy handed at a few points with the game.

If it feels that there, I’m nitpicking the story – to some extent it’s true. This is a very good story, and so I’m treating it as I would any other piece of fiction that I read or participate in and those are things I would call out there. It does get a little heavy handed at times in the story, and does show and tell several times which hurts the story and assumes the player isn’t paying attention.

On the whole though, I have to say that Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best games I’ve played in a good while. It has an excellent combat system, paired with a wonderful, and well realized story. I strongly recommend it if you are a fan of strategy or RPG games on the PC.

Monday - November 17, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ RPS

by Myrthos, 15:13

Rock Paper Shotgun takes a look at Sega's Valkyra Chronicles and are very enthousiastic about it.

The best example of how the battles blend realtime and turn-based actions is the overwatch equivalent – certain classes always fire on enemies who cross their line of sight, while others can’t. If you’re trying to get past this you can dodge out and trigger the overwatch fire, then when they’re reloading dash across the gap. It’s hard to see how a tactic like that could be turn-based, but it’s key here and feels great to execute – and at the same time doesn’t ‘nerf’ overwatch, because if you run around corners blindly you’ll still get shot up.

This is perhaps the defining quality in Valkyria Chronicles’ design – it plays like the developers sat down and really thought through how every part of it would work. The classes all complement each other beautifully, with clear roles and utter co-dependence. The scouts see further and run faster for longer than the other classes, for example, and arcing lines shoot out with an audio cue as they flag up multiple enemies – letting the slow-moving snipers set up angles, warn of enemy flanks, and identify key target enemies. But run around carelessly and one enemy on overwatch will take you down in seconds – at which point all the info is hidden again. So controlling a good Scout is about getting into position, but equally as important is being sneaky to keep them alive.

Saturday - November 15, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ GameWatcher

by Couchpotato, 05:31

GameWatcher posted the next review for Valkyria Chronicles, and they gave the game a final score of 9/10. This is the second positive review this week.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, you should really check the game out; the story is engaging and the characters are fun, but it’s the charming picture-book aesthetic and unique combat system that really make the difference. At a knockdown price with all the extra DLC included, there’s really no reason not to give it a go.

Thursday - November 13, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Review @ PC Gamer

by Couchpotato, 04:00

PC Gamer has the only PC review for Valkyria Chronicles that I could find this week, and the site awarded the game with a final score of 89/100.

Valkyria Chronicles was an incredibly unique game when it was first released, and six years later I still haven’t found an experience quite like it. Apart from the cutscene resolution, its beautiful watercolor style and challenging gameplay haven’t aged a day. Yet it’s now bundled with all of its DLC for only $20/£15; a fantastic value for strategy fans and PC gamers who didn’t get a chance to play it the first time around. While the port quality might not win any awards, it does the game justice and brings Valkyria Chronicles to a platform where it can shine with other strategy game elite.

Tuesday - November 11, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - PC Port Impressions

by Couchpotato, 01:48

I have two articles for everyone today that talk about the port of Valkyria Chronicles.


Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the hours I’ve put in so far. Early battles haven’t been hugely challenging, but I can already see the importance of factors like positioning and inter-class support coming into play. The cast are quirky, but likeable, and I’m already gravitating towards a few favourites to take on missions. There aren’t too many tactical, turn-based titles who will give their soldiers “Lonely” or “Metal Allergy” as a meaningful characteristic, either.

SEGA has done a fine job on the PC port, so anybody who played this on PS3 and fancies a replay at higher frame-rates and resolutions shouldn’t hesitate. On the strength of what I’ve played so far, those looking for an unusual take on turn-based strategy should take a look too.

PC Gamer

The PC port of Valkyria Chronicles is a no-frills affair, but it delivers all the most essential qualities which should be expected on PC, including arbitrary resolution and framerate support. Its lack of graphics options is easily forgiven taking into account that the quality of all effects scales with resolution, and the artistic intent of its renderer which is inherently less customizable than the average photo-realistic affair. Commendably, it also performs amazingly very well even on modest hardware.

Given the quality of the game, the competent port and its very fair pricing, any fan of turn-based strategy games or SRPGs would be remiss not to check out Valkyria Chronicles. Oh, and if you want to improve your image quality further by means of downsampling, or want to be able to toggle the in-game HUD and take HUDless screenshots, note that the latest version of GeDoSaTo includes a profile for the game.

The game should unlock on Steam later today.Smile

Monday - November 10, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Looking Back @ EuroGamer

by Couchpotato, 06:08

EuroGamer reposted their review of Valkyria Chronicles in honor of the games PC release in a few days from now on Steam. They call it one of the finest games of its generation.

Every Sunday we bring you a feature selected from our archive. This week, to celebrate the imminent PC launch of Valkyria Chronicles, we bring you Paul Dean's fine words on Sega's modern classic.

Friday - October 31, 2014

Valkyria Chronicles - Arrives November 11

by Aubrielle, 04:20

It's official. Days after its PC debut announcement, Sega announces Valkyria Chronicles will arrive on our PC's November 11.  It's available now for preorder on Steam.

The original PlayStation 3 release was very well reviewed, and the PC edition looks set to be even better. It's cheap, for one thing—20 bucks, minus the ten percent if you preorder—and it includes all previously-released DLC: The Hard EX mode that increases the difficulty of skirmish missions, the Edy's Mission: Enter the Edy Detachment campaign, the Selveria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame campaign, and the six Challenge of the Edy Detachment missions.

More information.

Source: PC Gamer

Information about

Valkyria Chronicles

Developer: SEGA

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 40-60 hours
Voice-acting: Full

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2014-11-11
· Publisher: SEGA