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Box Art

Tuesday - June 06, 2017

Victor Vran - Fractured Worlds and Motorhead DLC

by Myrthos, 12:22

The Victor Vran Fractured Worlds and Motörhead DLC are now available separately on both GOG and Steam. The latter also has the Overkill edition (released last week), which combines the two DLCs with the original game. The DLC is available with a 10% discount.

Here are videos of the two DLC.



Monday - March 13, 2017

Victor Vran - Fractured Worlds Trailer

by Hiddenx, 00:36

The Victor Vran addon Fractered Worlds will be released this spring - here's the trailer:

Victor Vran Fractured Worlds Trailer ESRB


Fractured Worlds will be available as separate DLC or as part of the Victor Vran Overkill Edition. The Overkill Edition will also include the long awaited Motörhead: Through the Ages expansion.

Thank you for the info Farflame!


Monday - March 21, 2016

Victor Vran - Patch Update

by Myrthos, 14:24

In a patch for Victor Vran, the following has been fixed:

Tuesday - February 23, 2016

Victor Vran - A Case for Early Access

by Myrthos, 12:25

Haemimont Games is presenting a case for Early Access in thier blog, showing how it worked for them in releasin Victor Vran.

Nobody out there knew about our game when we first released in Steam Early Access. This was, of course, our fault – we should’ve started with the marketing earlier. If you’ve opened our Steam forums on the first day, you would’ve found four threads titled like “Confused. Is this game like Van Helsing?” and not one thread that explains what the game actually is.

Thankfully, Early Access gave us the time to remedy the situation and things were very different on our actual release day five months later. By that time we had thriving Steam forums with many players that knew the ins and outs of Victor Vran and were more than happy to welcome newcomers and “very positive” user reviews with 93% user approval creating a very different impression to people that discovered our game for the first time.

There is one myth I’ve heard repeated several times – that you can’t have a proper game release after Early Access and that players, youtubers and journalists tend to ignore titles that were previously released to the public. I can’t speak for other titles, but this was certainly not true for Victor Vran. Our first few weeks after release were very strong both in terms of sales and press coverage and I think that the community contributed to this as several reviews commented that the Early Access players present the game very favorably in their reviews.

Thanks Eye.

Thursday - February 11, 2016

Victor Vran - Review @ Warpzoned

by Myrthos, 12:05

Warpzoned reviewed Victor Vran and gave it 6 out of 7 lifebars.

The Van Helsing-inspired demon hunter is voiced by the same actor who voices The Witcher. His gruff, monotone delivery works well in this type of role. This does make it hard to get enthusiastic about some of his lines, but that’s the tradeoff for a famous voice. The voice acting in the game is enjoyable overall, with a wide variety of texture and delivery. The actors were fun to listen to and gave more life to the dialogue.

The writing for Victor Vran left something to be desired. The story was fairly generic. In fact, if you have played The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 recently, you will find that the story is just about the same. It might be that an original story could not be afforded after paying for good visuals, audio, actors, and unique leveling mechanics. It doesn’t detract from this game being fun to play, but was sad to generally have to ignore the story so as not to feel frustrated by how uninspired it was.

Overall, Victor Vran is worth the time investment. If you like games similar to Diablo, Torchlight, Titan Quest, and Sacred, then you will have a great time playing Victor Vran.

Tuesday - November 10, 2015

Victor Vran - Review @ GameBanshee

by Myrthos, 12:42

GameBanshee reviewed Victor Vran. The reviewer didn't like the game but thought it was a well made game anyway.

So clearly I didn't enjoy Victor Vran very much.  But I always try to separate the quality of the game versus how much I like it, and Victor Vran is a well-made game.  It looks good, the voice acting is solid (particularly from Doug Cockle as Victor Vran and Andrew Wincott as the Voice), the maps are distinctive, the enemies are diverse and interesting, and I never experienced a single crash or bug.  Plus it includes free DLCs, which is always a plus.

So if you enjoy tough games, and like the idea of grinding away to improve your gear, and don't mind the idea of studying and thinking about and frequently repeating challenging battles, then Victor Vran might be for you.  But if you play RPGs more for the stories, the character development, and, I don't know, the fun, then maybe not.  Either way, Victor Vran is pretty reasonably priced at $20, so it's a game you could check out if you're at all curious.

Thanks Eye.

Thursday - October 29, 2015

Victor Vran - Halloween Update

by Hiddenx, 08:10

Victor Vran gets new content for Halloween:

Halloween Update

The darkest night of all is upon us: Victor Vran celebrates Halloween with spooky new content!

Stand your ground against the legion of festive pumpkinhead monsters and chip, batter and shoot your way through the demonic members of the cucurbit family until you meet their master: The PumpKing, in the Secret Pumpkin Level!

To enter the new area, you will need a special key - a slice of pumpkin pie. Each hunter will be given several slices of the pie, which will become a rare drop once Halloween is over.


Update Oct 28th (Halloween)
  • New Map: Secret Pumpkin Level
  • New Items: Pumpkin Pie, Carved Box
  • New Boss Fight: The PumpKing
  • Updated Localizations

Saturday - October 10, 2015

Victor Vran - Free DLC: Cauldron of Chaos Dungeon

by Hiddenx, 21:17

The developers of Victor Vran just released new end-game content, in the form of a free DLC by the name of Cauldron of Chaos Dungeon:

The Cauldron of Chaos is an ever-changing dungeon that offers randomized daily challenges for veteran demon hunters. This new content is available only for characters of level 26 and above.

The Cauldron of Chaos is stirred every day, offering a new set of challenges and encounters for you and your friends. You will be able to access the new dungeon from the World Map.

Wednesday - October 07, 2015

Victor Vran - Review @ Gamer Headlines

by Myrthos, 12:58

Gamer Hedalines have produced a review of Victor Vran with a rather low score of 6, which appears to be caused by the various crashes the reviewer had with the game (something not seen this prominently in other reviews though).

I did experience problems with Victor Vran crashing a few times. Sometimes it was random - nothing stood out at me - nothing to pinpoint what the cause may be. Then, I attempted to do the level named, "Den of the Broodmother." Every time I attempted this level, the game would always crash after the closing cutscene. I attempted to complete this level six times, and I suspect that the issue may be because of the number of enemies on-screen at one time. I also reflected back on some of my previous games and thought that this scenario could apply to those crashes as well. I checked my drivers, which were all up to date, and I even moved the game down to the lowest setting. Despite doing all of this, I was never able to complete this particular level - it continued to crash every time.

The co-op is by far the best part of the game, and when the game would crash in co-op, I could just jump right back into the game with its drop-in/drop-out features. This made completing areas possible, that were previously impossible for me to complete. The gameplay is also better while playing and talking with friends - it just became so much more enjoyable. We even began laughing and telling our own jokes while playing. Occasionally, "Voice" would make an appearance, say something funny, and then we would be laughing all over again. If you're going to play Victor Vran, definitely play it with friends.

Thanks Eye.

Friday - October 02, 2015

Victor Vran - Two new Reviews

by Hiddenx, 19:52

Our Eye spotted two new reviews for the action RPG Victor Vran:


Victor Vran is the Action RPG from developers Haemimont Games. Haemimont have made a name for themselves as strategy specialists with Tropico 3, 4, and 5, as well as other management games too. So this begs the questions: what can a team of strategy specialists bring to make a genre that has very little strategy? And why did they then decide to ignore well established trends for that genre, removing even more strategy from it? Are Haemimont just pulling our chain, like an artist who’s thrown some paint at a canvas and called it abstract, or do they have an actual plan at work here? Are Haemimont the new Monet?


Victor Vran is an excellent entry into the action RPG genre. The focus is definitely on combat, with satisfying weapon abilities and direct keyboard control of Victor coupled with active dodge and jump functions make it feel more engaging than other ARPGs. You're restricted in the amount of stuff you can equip at once, limiting your options to a handful of possibilities so it's a welcoming game to genre newcomers but deep enough for veterans to get a kick out of it.

Hexes, challenges and secrets provide plenty of value for completionists and masochists alike but the main story on normal difficulty never really impedes you so long as you keep your equipment and spells up to date with the various drops. Similarly you'll never really be short of gold, it's a game that wants you to worry about how you're going to smash the next group of enemies, not worry about how you're going to afford a new sword or fit it into your bag.

Co-op play is also an absolute blast but not without its glitches, from invisible characters to quests not completing for one character it made for a little confusion and backtracking but never really got frustrating, even when playing on hard with all the hexes active. Overall it's a game worthy of playing solo or with friends, at turns both light and dark in tone thanks to voice actors from The Stanley Parable and The Witcher basically playing the same roles and even lampooning those, and other games.

Score: 4/5

PC PowerPlay:

At first glance Victor Vran looks like another entry in the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series of action RPGs, but in reality it’s a very different kind of animal. While there are similarities when it comes to the faux-Gothic seriousness of the story, the overall look of the game and the reliance on pop-culture references for humour, the way the two games play is very different. Victor Vran is about combat, not about character building. There are no classes, no skill trees or unlockable abilities. All skills are tied to equipment. What the eponymous character wears, wields and equips directly affects the way he functions.


A streamlined action RPG with the emphasis placed firmly on the action.

Score: 8/10


Monday - September 28, 2015

Victor Vran - Review and Free DLC

by Myrthos, 22:23

New free DLC for Victor Vran is available in the form of a Highlander outfit.

The Highlander's Outfit is a stylish demon-hunter costume that generates Overdrive from special weapon attacks and lowers their cooldowns.

Furthermore there is a review available at bitculture (88%).

The game itself is pleasing to the eye. Although it was pretty great to look at with graphics set to Ultra, even set to Low while playing on my laptop I can definitely say it wasn’t an eyesore at all. The use of colors on Victor’s clothing and spells are pretty and also serve as a stark contrast from the usually bleak and dark atmosphere surrounding him. That’s not to say that the maps themselves don’t do look pretty good themselves, though. The problem with an ARPG about slaying the undead and demons is that it’s inherently going to have to look dark and menacing. However there is enough in the variety of map types that you’re never treated to too much of the same. Normally the map appearance doesn’t play too much of a role in ARPGs because your focus is on the enemies, not your surroundings. However since Victor Vran is so focused on making players explore and play around in its maps, it has to look good. Thankfully it delivers, especially in the introduction to the game with the city you fight your way through. The character art is also really good  and well drawn. I like the detail put into them a lot. However I do wish the interactions weren’t just stills with text-boxes and were animated.

Thanks Eye.

Thursday - September 17, 2015

Victor Vran - Introducing The Tome

by Hiddenx, 19:59

The tome is a new weapon for Victor Vran:


The Tome of Souls is the newest addition to the arsenal of Victor Vran. As all existing weapon types in the game, it comes with its own set of special attacks and distinct playstyle.

Thanks Eye!


Thursday - September 10, 2015

Victor Vran - Hardcore Mode, Soundtrack and Digital Art Book

by Myrthos, 23:52

Haemimont Games has updated Victor Vran with a free hardcore and casual mode. In addition the soudtrack and a 194 page Digital Artbook can be gotten via Steam for $6.99 and requires you to have the original game. The soudtrack can also be purchased seperately via iTunes for $9.99.

Here is a video of the recording of 'Archdemon'.


More things for Victor Vran that are coming can be found here.

Saturday - August 29, 2015

Victor Vran - Review @ TechRaptor

by Hiddenx, 17:27

Steven Stites (TechRaptor) has reviewed Victor Vran:

Victor Vran Review – Entertaining, But Not Ground Breaking

It was quite a while since I had last played Victor Vran, but I picked it up again to see how Haemimont has improved their now fully released game. The very first thing I noticed was that Victor was now voiced by Doug Cockle, who is most known for his work as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series. The next thing I noticed was that the gameplay had no noticeable difference.

In fact, the game was almost completely unchanged, and the only  differences were the inclusion of voice, story, and small additions such as Transmutation—combining up to three items to get another, and hopefully better, item. Essentially Victor Vran takes quite a lot from the bigger predecessors of Action-RPG’s, from the dark and creepy atmospheres of Diablo to the crazy amount of loot from Torchlight. The Transmutation system and even Victor himself is vaguely reminiscent of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. In fact there’s a secondary outfit that looks almost identical to the one Van Helsing wears. Well … the hat looks kinda similar. [...]

Score: 7/10 - Very Good

Summary : It's a good romp run through ruins and wreaking havoc with demon powers, but does not provide much more substance than that.


Thursday - August 06, 2015

Victor Vran - Motorhead Expansion Announced

by Hiddenx, 08:23

Myrthos informed us that Victor Vran will get the loudest expansion ever:

Motörhead - Through The Ages


London, Los Angeles, Sofia - August 2015

Motörhead are celebrating their 40th anniversary and a new album is on the way – the perfect time for Rock & Metal fans and gamers alike to experience a video game based on the iconic band and their unique attitude.
The collaboration between Motörhead, Global Merchandising and Haemimont Games will merge the world of Rock and Games in ways never seen before: 
Based on the highly acclaimed "Victor Vran" Action-RPG that is already available on STEAM, this official and exclusive Motörhead expansion will feature an entirely new storyline, new enemies, weapons and skills! The expansion, titled "Motörhead through the Ages", will be entirely Motörhead themed and the established “Victor Vran” universe will be extended with new adventures to experience and bosses to fight.
The Motörhead game will consist of new game environments that have not been seen in the original game. Traverse war-torn landscapes and cities, Wild-West-inspired landscapes and the Dark Ages Castle where the Queen of the Damned resides, all heavily inspired by and based on Motörhead`s history, lyrics and general attitude.
Motörhead define the themes of the game as Victor faces evils relevant to our own world – religious fanatics, corrupt politicians and power-hungry oppressive rulers. During these quests he will be supported not only by the newly designed Motör-Weapons, -Powers and -Skills, but also a soundtrack with over a dozen tracks, partly never heard before!

Sunday - August 02, 2015

Victor Vran - Review @Eurogamer

by Gorath, 22:07

Eurogamer says Victor Vran is "recommended".

More than all that, the game's just extremely personable. The story is forgettable, but it's delivered via Victor's schlocky pronouncements and a playful, teasing, taunting voice in his head that seeks to unsettle you at every turn. ("Victor, you need a vigilante name. How about Hatman?") Equally, alongside the swamps and crypts you're expecting, you get standout locations like the Forlorn Chateau, a haunted mansion with a seriously unpleasant attic that delivers one of the most charismatic ARPG maps I've visited in quite a while. Sure, even middling ARPGs are almost always fun for an hour or so, but Victor Vran will keep you hitting stuff and collecting loot for a lot longer than you might expect.

Friday - July 24, 2015

Victor Vran - Release trailer

by Myrthos, 19:08

Victor Vran has been released today and that comes with a release trailer.


The new demon hunting action-RPG Victor Vran officially releases today. After just five months in Early Access, Victor Vran is released with amazing 94% user approval from the Steam Community. The game won the hearts of the players with its action packed combat dynamics, where dodging and jumping mean the difference between life and death.
Victor Vran features four player coop gameplay, a class-less gear-based character progression system, dozens of secrets, over 400 different challenges and dynamic difficulty personalization. The game was created with replayability in mind and promises many hours of pure fun on top of the 20-hour story campaign.

The game is available on Steam and GOG and don't forget to check out our review of the game.

Thursday - July 23, 2015

RPGWatch - Victor Vran Review

by Myrthos, 22:10

Yesterday we had a roundup of Victor Vran reviews and today we have our own. Our forum member Greywolf00 reviewed the game for us.

Character building is definitely different than the usual skill tree approach seen in the genre. The game presents your class choice when you're deciding between three different outfits. The outfit changes the look of the Vran doll used in talks and also decides how you gain Overdrive. Overdrive controls your demonic powers, basically a magic system. You start with one demonic power and slot and unlock another slot at level 14. Other powers are found as drops. One outfit builds overdrive as you fight ensuring you have your magic available in combat heavy situations. Another changes it so you only gain overdrive passively overtime regardless of combat creating a situation where you can always have your magic for the start of tough battles, provided you're willing to wait for it to fill if needed. The final outfit creates a situation where you only gain overdrive after landing a critical strike. At level 15 you're granted a choice between 3 outfits granting you an additional "class" to change to or use when it may be beneficial to do so. For my choices I was presented with the 2 starters I didn't originally pick and one that boosted HP, but made no mention of overdrive changes on the tooltip. It also sounds like outfits are offered several other times as a leveling benefit since there's an achievement for having 6 of them. At first glance this is a disappointingly simple system, but it meshes nicely with others like the destiny cards.

Wednesday - July 22, 2015

Victor Vran - Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 12:47

Here is a collection of Victor Vran reviews, a game that is scheduled to be released tihs Friday, but is currently already on Early Access.

PressA2Join (10/10):

Overall I found this game to be an absolute joy to play, it of course has similarities with Diablo 3 however I found that I lost interest with Diablo whereas with Victor Vran I thoroughly enjoyed it and find myself itching to play some more. This can be attributed to the customisation of the character, the hilarious movie quotes (Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Star Wars to name but two) and other equally hilarious abuse received from "The Voice (inside your head)" or perhaps it's the hilarity that ensued from meeting the "Gangnam Style" dancing skeletons. Sufficive to say this new direction for Haemimont Games paid off with dividends, and I for one can't wait to see both what additions they make to the game and of course the next game they work on.

Gamespew (8/10):

Victor Vran is far from a complete game. Despite the presence of magic it is no Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy, lacking the freedom to explore, story and diversity of these titles. Where the game excels is in its fast, frantic combat and the continual growth of skills, weapon upgrades and magical powers which make the battles increasingly diverse and rewarding. If you enjoy melee action you will enjoy Victor Vran. I certainly did.

Without the Sarcasm (4/5):

A few of the game mechanics were also a bit lacking. There’s just one class in Victor Vran, with no skill trees or anything of that nature. Although there are several different weapon types, all weapons of a given type have the same attack style. This means there’s not a lot of diversity in the combat. It seemed like ranged attacks were very advantageous, so I found myself using the same couple of weapon types throughout the game. This is balanced somewhat through other systems – like challenges, destiny cards, and so forth – which can shake up the gameplay enough to keep it feeling new, but it’s still something that veteran aRPG’ers will likely see as a drawback.

Full Cleared:

If you’re an action RPG fan, don’t hesitate to give Victor Vran a try, especially at its $19.99 price point. There’s certainly deals to be had considering the game is on Steam, but we highly recommend it at its retail price.


The leveling up system is typical, but introduces – what I enjoyed a lot – the destiny cards. These cards add a passive bonus to your character, including: Healing auras, Freezing auras, critical hit boosts, and so forth. I found them to really level the playing field when the game’s difficulty scaled up. Leveling up also introduced an opportunity to collect “treasure chests” instead of an instant upgrade in order to save up for a better item. I felt that focus lead me to find Victor Vran a very cleverly designed Isometric Shooter.

Monday - July 20, 2015

Victor Vran - Bounties and Treasure Hunts

by Myrthos, 12:50

Last week a new update for Victor Vran was made available for the game that is going to be released at the end of the week.

  • New shareable items: Bounties and Treasure Hunts
  • New Power Stones: Divinity and Wickedness
  • New Common and Rare variants of the Wildcard
  • New Wicked effect: reduce the duration of negative conditions
  • Added new options to sort items in the inventory
  • Legendary colorization is now visible in character and inventory pictures
  • Special visual effect for Divine and Wicked cards
  • Vigilante's Outfit now grants 10% critical chance
  • Vanguard's Outfit now grants 40 armor penetration
  • Hammer Crush attack gets 100 armor penetration when fully channeled
  • Executioner destiny card made stronger
  • Rebalanced the Devil Destiny Card and Wicked Destiny modifiers
  • Vengeance legendary scythe - special effect made stronger
  • The Cannon legendary card grants Might instead of Brutality
  • Rebalanced final boss fight
  • Bottomless Pit - fixed an issue with respawning in multiplayer
  • More dye drops
  • Better Gift Box rewards from renown levels
  • Well of Worlds boss fight now properly resets on death
  • Wa-Lee drops loot as intended
  • Elite challenges for kills with Brutality now work properly
  • Overdrive Orbs from the Dark Pact legendary scythe grant significantly more overdrive
  • Essence of Plague now scales properly for high level characters

Monday - July 13, 2015

Victor Vran - Character Optimizations

by Myrthos, 12:24

Victor Vran, currently in Early Access and to be released next week Friday, sees another update in which some character optimizations and fixes are made.

  • Character Customization - Legendary Dye
  • Character Customization - Outfit colorization is now visible in the character art and in the inventory
  • Fixed a performance bug that unintentionally limited the FPS
  • Fixed camera rotation getting stuck in the Bottomless Pit
  • Increased the effect of Power Stone of Accuracy
  • Bottomless Pit - increased rewards and difficulty in later waves
  • Fixed a problem with Vail the Lich respawning quickly with the Hex of Tenacity active
  • Fixed a problem with Vail the Lich dropping loot when he shouldn't
  • Fixed Sunray Demon Power leaving the character unresponsive at the end
  • Bleeding condition is now properly applied by certain Wicked destiny cards

Monday - July 06, 2015

Victor Vran - Release Day: July 24

by Hiddenx, 07:26

Victor Vran is content complete since July 2nd and will be released on July 24.

  • Full Story
  • All cutscenes
  • German localization
  • English and German voiceovers
  • New Dungeon: The Shunned Manor
  • New Boss Fight: Lord Gabriel
  • Lots of new Legendary Weapons - double the existing amount
  • New Item: Gift Box
  • Hard Mode: Higher monster difficulty; all 5 Hexes permanently turned on
  • Elite Challenges: A new set of challenges made available after the story has been completed
  • Balanced level rewards; added Gift Boxes in rewards
  • Renown levels grant Gift Boxes as reward
  • Balanced Boss loot
  • Decreased duration of Weakness condition inflicted by some monsters
  • Shotgun damage increased, Aimed Shot damage multiplier increased
  • Lightning Gun damage increased

Story Trailer:


Monday - May 25, 2015

Victor Vran - Win a Steam Key

by Myrthos, 22:05

Thanks to Tom Ohle of Evolve for providing them, we can give you another set of keys, which this time is for Victor Vran, a game currently in Early Access:

Victor Vran is the isometric action-RPG where your skill is just as essential as your character build and gear. Experience intense combat action: dodge, jump and unleash powerful skills to finish off your enemies! AVAILABLE NOW: Slay demons together in cooperative multiplayer!

Now time for the rules.

  1. New registrations are not eligible to win.
  2. You must have over 30 posts on the Forum.
  3. Just post a comment you are interested in winning the game.

We will randomly pick the winners om Monday, June 1st.

Monday - May 18, 2015

RPGWatch - Victor Vran Interview

by Myrthos, 12:39

We interviewed Boian Spasov from Haemimont games about their action RPG Victor Vran, which is currently in Early Access.

RPGWatch: Victor Vran feels like quite a change of direction for Haemimont. What made you decide to go this way instead of developing another Tropico game?

Boian: The game industry has this way of forcing you as a developer into a particular niche. Once you create a successful, say, city-builder title, it is almost expected that you will continue to make city-building games for as long as you exist.
As gamers we enjoy many and varied games, and we don't want to constrain ourselves to a single genre as developers. The perspective and experience we've gained from making our very different previous titles have proved invaluable for the development of Victor Vran.
For example, we've learned much about creating a dynamic combat system from our old action-adventure title The First Templar. Real-time strategies told us much about creating interesting enemies with varied combat behavior.
We aimed to create a fresh and different action-RPG experience and all those life lessons from previous projects really helped us do so.

Saturday - April 25, 2015

Victor Vran - Preview @ Gaming Enthusiast

by Couchpotato, 04:26

Ryan Parreno published the next Early Access preview of Victor Vran this week.

Victor Vran is a Diablo-like but doesn’t have the intuitive gameplay or addictiveness of a Diablo or Torchlight. If Haemimont won’t change the keyboard and mouse controls, they will have to find a way to tweak the core mechanics to make it as fun as those games. Beyond that, Victor Vran needs something compelling to make players want to keep going. It could be story, it could be gameplay, and it would be best if it was a combination of both. If Haemimont ultimately fails to raise Victor Vran from its current state in Early Access, it will be an average action RPG at best. But hey, that isn’t too bad for a few hours.

Thursday - April 23, 2015

Victor Vran - Preview @ Chalgyr's Game Room

by Couchpotato, 05:39

Chalgyr's Game Room has another preview for Victor Vran this week.

Generally I am rather patient in awaiting for new content to arrive when venturing into the realm of Early Access games on Steam. Victor Vran breaks that feeling however as I would really like to see much more content sooner rather than later. Between the already impressive amount of content, the brilliantly set up multiplayer, and the challenges it is already shaping up to be one hell of a Hack and Slash RPG to beat for others down the road.

Wednesday - April 22, 2015

Victor Vran - Lets Play Video @ ZTGD

by Couchpotato, 05:47

A website called ZTGD released a new Lets play video for Victor Vran this week.


Tuesday - April 21, 2015

Victor Vran - Preview @ Gamers Lounge

by Couchpotato, 05:06

Sam Reader of The Gamers Lounge posted a preview of Haemimont Games ARPG Victor Vran. The preview compares the game to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

Victor Vran , the new game from Tropico developer Haemimont Games, is an ARPG like Diablo or The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. It's set in a crumbling castle somewhere in Europe, filled with all manner of creepy and crawly creatures.  While many people have noted similarities to other ARPGs out there, Victor Vran adds a new element to action-RPGs that most other games have ignored: Height. 

What sets Victor Vran apart from the other games mentioned above is the ability to jump over walls, wall-bounce to hard-to-reach points, and otherwise navigate the battlefield in a wholly different way. It adds an element of platforming to the game, as well as a level of tactical control-- Why get swarmed by a horde of spiders when you can get to higher ground above them, or stand on a nearby hedge to avoid their attacks? Why not leap over your enemies and get the drop on them from another angle?

Tuesday - April 14, 2015

Victor Vran - Multiplayer Update Released

by Couchpotato, 04:31

I haven't been following development of Victor Vran all that much since last month, and since then the developer Haemimont Games has released a few patches.

The latest patch added Multiplayer to the game.


Thursday - March 12, 2015

Victor Vran - Preview @ Saving Content

by Couchpotato, 03:09

Scott Ellison II of Saving Content published a new video preview of Victor Vran.


Scott plays, levels up, and hacks and slashes in the new Action RPG from Haemimont Games, Victor Vran, now in Steam Early Access.

Saturday - March 07, 2015

Victor Vran - Preview @ GameWatcher

by Couchpotato, 05:12

Adam Standing of GameWatcher published a new preview of Victor Vran.

Though missing any motivation or context, this action RPG from Tropico developer Haemimont Games gets a lot of essential features spot on right from the get go. It’s really important that a Diablo/Torchlight-like has the right feel to induce the clicky-clicky addictive kick to get you playing far beyond what would be considered sane. With an array of different weapon sets and stat boosters Victor Vran has the variety in this early stage to make playing it feel worthwhile, with the bonus of a game engine that feels near-complete and satisfying to play.

Friday - March 06, 2015

Victor Vran - Preview @ Geeks Under Grace

by Couchpotato, 04:36

A website by the name of Geeks Under Grace published a preview of Victor Vran.

Victor Vran is a lot more than I expected. It plays like a triple-A game that you would expect from Blizzard or any other big developer. Haemimont Games spared no expense when making this game and it shows through the natural, cross-genre gameplay and deep Victorian environment. If this is just a preview of what is to come, I am definitely excited for it.

Thursday - February 26, 2015

Victor Vran - Development Roadmap

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Haemimont Games posted the Development Roadmap for Victor Vran on Steam.

Thanks for the overwhelming positive response to our Early Access launch, guys! You rock!  Here is our current plan for the development of Victor Vran during Early Access and beyond. Keep in mind that we will change priorities and add features based on your feedback. Balance changes and bug-fixes are not described in this roadmap and will happen continuously throughout Early Access.

Tuesday - February 24, 2015

Victor Vran - Early Access Impression @ RPS

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John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun played the Early Access version of Victor Vran, and shared his thought on whether you should buy the game now on Steam.

The perennial issue of recommending an unfinished game faces us once again. Honestly, I’d wait, because why not experience a good game at its best, rather than half-finished? But I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one, and certainly coming back to it once the narrative is included and the flow thus induced. Oh, but gawd, change the name.

Saturday - February 21, 2015

Victor Vran - Available on Early Access

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Developer Haemimont Games has sent news their new ARPG game Victor Vran was released on Steam Early Access this week, and included a new trailer.


Haemimont's new action-RPG Victor Vran enters Early Access on Steam. Players are invited to participate and get the exclusive Wanderer outfit!

Sofia/Munich (February 20, 2015) – Victor Vran is ready to slay demons in style, as the game enters Steam Early Access today. Haemimont Games, best known for its work on the acclaimed Tropico series, invites gamers around the world to join the monster hunt and share their impressions and feedback ahead of the game’s full launch later this year.

The development team really sees Early Access as a way to work together with the player community to make the game as good as can be, creating in-game tools for submitting feedback and bug reporting with minimal interruption. Players can like, dislike or comment on any game feature with a single mouse click. The developers will aggregate this feedback and respond with changes as soon as the next Early Access update.

Early Access adopters will receive the exclusive Wanderer outfit as a gesture of gratitude and recognition for their invaluable help in shaping the game during this critical stage of development. The outfit unlocks unique in-game looks, but offers no gameplay advantages over players that decide to join the party later, after the official release.

Tuesday - February 17, 2015

Victor Vran - Early Access Date

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Victor Vran the nw ARPG from Haemimont Games will be available on Steam Early Access on February 20th. Here is the new FAQ from the games Steam page. 

Why Early Access?

“Your input is immensely valuable. We want to create the best game we can, and this wouldn't be possible without your help. Early Access is your opportunity to get involved with the game and help us make it better. Join us in our effort to make an outstanding action-RPG!”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The plan is to stay in Early Access until the end of May 2015.”

How does the full version differ from the Early Access version?

“We will roll out new features and open up lots of new areas throughout the Early Access phase. The final game will also be localized in German, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese (Brazilian).”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The first Early Access build is stable and you can play for hours.

In the current build you can look forward to:

  • Exploring the entire first chapter of the game
  • Leveling your character up to level 10
  • Trying your own character build using a multitude of weapons, consumables, destiny cards and demon powers
  • Mastering four weapon types: Sword, Shotgun, Hammer and Rapier. Each weapon type feels unique and offers a distinct play style (additional weapon classes will be available at launch)
  • Testing your mettle against three devious bosses
  • Customize your difficulty with cursed hex items

Although the current release allows full exploration of the first chapter of the game, the story campaign will be added at a later time.
You can look forward to lots of new features and content - outfits, weapon types, maps, monsters and legendary weapons.”

Will the game be priced differently during & after Early Access?

“As a little thank you for helping us make Victor Vran better we will offer discounts throughout the Early Access period, so jumping in early is worth it!”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Our plan is to make the game better iteratively, making changes and implementing new features based on your feedback and suggestions. We have planned additional development time to make sure we can accommodate your ideas. You can quickly and easily provide feedback and report problems as you play with easy to use in-game tools. We plan to participate actively in the discussions and look forward to learning about your suggestions and experiences.”

Friday - February 06, 2015

Victor Vran - A New Action-RPG Game

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Victor Vran is a new ARPG game from the developers of Tropico called Haemimont Games. The game reminds me of the the Van Hellsing games from NeoCore games.

Anyway here is a trailer, and short announcement.


Victor Vran will slay its way onto PC and other platforms to be announced this summer in cooperation between Bulgarian veteran independent studio Haemimont Games, best known for the Tropico series, and publisher EuroVideo Medien. The team’s goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the genre by adding a broad range of equipment and special moves that drastically change combat, along with a simple, but game-changing, jumping mechanic that separates itself from many titles in the action-RPG genre.

“It all started with a simple idea: let’s put the ‘action’ back in the action-RPG genre,” says Gabriel Dobrev, CEO and founder of Haemimont Games. Victor Vran is the first action-RPG from the experienced team, and was introduced to a select audience behind closed doors at Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

Victor Vran lets the player decide how he or she wants to play the game. Players can forge their own personal version of Victor thanks to a vast array of powerful weapons, game-changing outfits, wicked demon powers and fate cards. Use special moves, combine skills and weapons to wipe out hordes of hideous beasts and clever boss monsters.

Slaying demons doesn’t have to be a lonely affair – team up with friends online and explore the story of the dark world together in a full co-op experience.

Prior to final release, Victor Vran will be available via Steam Early Access. Haemimont Games invites players to take part in development and join forces with the team in the weeks before release. The game will be nearly complete when it enters Early Access with plenty of time to respond to community feedback and ideas.

Information about

Victor Vran

Developer: Haemimont Games

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2015-07-24
· Publisher: EuroVideo Medien