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World of Anterra

World of Anterra

Inspired by modern and classic games, World of Anterra is a highly interactive, nonlinear, open world RPG. The game features an endlessly explorable open world, deep progression systems, fast paced combat, and rich lore, all wrapped in a satisfying and accessible interface. It’s the type of game only an independent studio could make!


  • A diverse and living world. Explore a vast world with oceans, continents, regions, castles and towns, mountains, caves and dungeons. Anterra is full of life, from little insects to hulking creatures. NPCs live out their lives following daily routines, while also responding dynamically to events in the world, as well as the player.  World of Anterra is built to be explored freely and at your own pace.
  • Deep and inspiring non-linear story. The story and quests follow non-linear, divergent paths, so you can go where you want and talk to whomever you’d like. Your story will unfold naturally, based on the paths you choose to follow. 
  • Conversational dialogue. A unique way to converse with NPCs that allows players to have a more conversational experience with every character in the game. We ditched the overly wordy, linear dialogue experiences of modern games and designed a completely new, retro-inspired system.
  • Fast and fluid party-based combat. Leveraging our vast experience across many genres of gaming, including casual and social games, combat is designed to be fun no matter how many hours you put in, with streamlined UI and engaging feedback.
  • Satisfying and accessible user interface. Our design skills really shine here! We have designed an interface with the least amount of "UI" and words as possible. Instead of menus and lists, we leveraged true-to-our-world items and intuitive icons to create a wonderful user experience. Our interface is so much fun, it could be a game on its own! 
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World of Anterra

Developer: 81monkeys

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: 81monkeys