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Absinthia - Released

by Hiddenx, 2023-03-13 18:25:20

The J-RPG Absinthia has been released:


Absinthia is a turn-based RPG featuring the story of scorned Knight Freya, her young apprentice Sera, and their individual struggles with loss, betrayal and acceptance as they fight to protect their home.

When a mysterious enemy threatens the peaceful town of Katti, a traveling knight named Freya steps in to save the day. Young warrior Sera, alongside her friends Jake and Thomas, begin training under Freya's guidance to protect Katti Town and the Ambrose Isles. But when another assault ends in a tragic loss, Sera must grapple with the true nature of their enemy--as well as that of the knight protecting them.


  • Traditional turn-based jRPG battle system featuring a regenerating MP system for faster-paced combat, powerful team-based attacks and no random encounters
  • Difficulty options for those who seek challenge--or only want to focus on the story
  • Colorful handheld-style pixel art and illustrations
  • Original soundtrack: Composed by Jazz Stewart, Absinthia's soundtrack is a modern take on some of the greatest tunes from the SNES era of jRPGs

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SP/MP: Unknown
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released