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Alaloth - Early Access: June 30

by Hiddenx, 2022-06-14 16:14:29

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms will be released into Early Access on June 30 - here are the next steps:

Next steps and some useful info while waiting for June 30

Hello Champions!

What a great weekend with the Guerrilla Collective showcase, with the announcement of the Early Access release date for Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms! We had a few super crazy days to match the deadlines and be sure that everything was perfect for such an amazing moment for the whole team but, hey: June 30, 2022 is the day and we can’t wait to open the gates of Plamen to players from all around the world, being finally able to explore the huge world we’ve built. We took a short break on Sunday, checking confs and chilling but there are just few days left before the big one, so it’s time to speed-up things a bit and enter pre-release mood.

First of all, we want to thank all the people joining us, asking things, wishlisting the game [numbers are booming, lot of love for you all] and we want to give you an overview of what is going to happen before the launch. Being a small team, there are just two people taking care of community and PR-related topics, while dealing with the day by day activities of the studio, so forgive us for being a bit slow in answering. To make things easier, we invite you once again to join our official Discord server where we are going to set-up ad hoc channels to gather feeds about the EA, report bugs and to propose ideas and features to be put in-game. There will be topics on our board here on Steam too, but what we are trying to do is just to simplify the flow for both the team and the community. We are almost 24/7 on Discord and we can answer questions in real time there and this will be crucial especially after the launch, with people playing the game. We’ll do our best to be fast on both sides but still, give us a few time to organize the work properly [hiring!].

Considering the huge amount of questions we’ve received, we are going to run a new AMA session on Discord next Monday, June 20 9AM PST/6PM CEST. Please check this post here to know more about this and send us your questions as suggested, to help the team answering topic by topic, the proper way.

Anyway, the most important thing now is giving a bit of context about the Early Access choice we’ve made as we’ve anticipated on Saturday. We announced EA back on May 30, with a gameplay trailer following the long silence with almost no updates in months. We consider the end of April as a fresh restart for the project, but it has always been intended as a restart more on the marketing and PR side than on the development side. The development never stopped, even if we had to face many issues on the way.


Thanks Henriquejr!

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