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Alaloth - Spring 2022 Update

by Hiddenx, 2022-04-28 15:39:07

Henriquejr and Couchpotato spotted that Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms is still alive:

 Alive & kicking!

Hello Champions!

Not a massive update for you today but for sure the most important one since a long time: Gamera Interactive took back publishing rights for Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms, its own in-house developed IP. We can’t go into details about the process that led to this [don’t ask] but hey, that’s a big news, isn’t it? Hands shaking while posting this, we are over the moon now, after a very long silence since the latest Steam update back in November. We can’t wait to show you what we were working on and disavow all those who believed the worst about the future of Alaloth.

On one hand, we’ve suffered the pain of not being able to answer to everyone in real time, we offer our apologies for this. On the other hand, the huge support we’ve received, fueled us and gave us all the strength to move forward as a team, even in the darkest moments, facing the pandemic first and many other issues out of our control then. As any “respected studio” outside, we’ve got trolls jumping in here and in our social channels sharing “the truth” about the development: the upcoming cancellation of the project, the redesign of 99% of the game, the shady explanations of the problems we had and so on. Nothing true of course but legit, we can say, considering the above-mentioned silence that luckily ends today with this fresh restart. This time for real.

The development never stopped. Never. We now have the chance to think about next steps, pushing our vision in full, taking care of everything we consider pivotal in the long term: the community, the players. Participative design anyone?

Before writing down this update we were so much excited we even thought about the option to fully reveal future plans and next steps but going all in is definitely not a thing in game dev. We carefully have to evaluate what’s the best path to follow to release the game at its best and truth is that we’ve a business running here, so we can’t just throw our cards on the table without weighting all the opps popping-up here and there. It could be a new partner jumping in, old friends rejoining or such. We are dealing with all of this now putting pieces together.


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