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Alaloth - Update announced

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-10 15:34:36

Henriquejr spotted an update announcement for Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms:

A new massive update on its way and a summer full of surprises!

Hello Champions!

Just returned from Reboot Develop in Croatia, we've had the final meetings to draft the roadmap for the last part of our epic journey. The anticipation is palpable as we gear up for the next big update, dropping no later than June! But this time, we're keeping the details close to our chests: no teasing, just a massive surprise waiting to be unveiled alongside the update. Summer is upon us, heralding a season of events and announcements. And we're pulling out all the stops to ensure Alaloth finds its place on the main stages, where we can share the future of our beloved RPG with you. You know the story, and to be honest, we're doing our best to secure a proper launch of version 1.0. The launch we didn't have the chance to do back then, dealing with the worst people in the industry, who almost killed our studio and business. Being as small as we are, it's very hard to wear ten different hats every day, but the fire is still burning, and the support we've received along the way has been the reason why we didn't fall, despite some very tough times. Alaloth sustained the studio since its EA launch, but of course, it's time to move on and raise the bar, delivering what we've always envisioned since we started thinking about it, in a small room in a shared space back in 2016. We are human, and we are incredibly happy about what we've achieved so far, but we have to say, we're tired and need to take a step forward in this adventure, as devs. Thank you for being the lifeblood of our studio.

Back to next steps: let's not keep you in the dark about what's to come! Brace yourselves for a brand new crafting system, a feature we've been eagerly anticipating since a while. Plus, get ready for updates and tweaks to the combat system and a slew of other exciting features as usual: new quests, chars, weapons, items, enemies, areas and much more. You may have noticed our ongoing proofreading marathon, a labor of love aimed at making localization a breeze. We've already trimmed the word count from a hefty 400.000 to a sleek 345.000, with our sights set on hitting 300k without compromising quality. Because making Alaloth accessible to all is just as important as the adventure itself. In the meantime, gear up for all of this by seizing the opportunity to grab all DLC for the game right now, available at an incredible 50% discount! Also, 500 handcrafted Limited Edition War Chests will be back in stock again soon!



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