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Archaelund - Update 0.7.10 released

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-10 16:23:04

The Early Access title Archaelund got a new update:

Update 0.7.10 released

This release introduces camp encounters and the Disarm Traps skill

With the latest implemented features, we're just one update away from 0.8. It's been an intense 4 months of development, and looking back it's amazing how much has been achieved.

Here is the changelog for today's update:

Content changes & adjustments

  • Camp Encounters added. Your party may be attacked by monsters while they rest in dangerous locations! The risk level is displayed in the camping UI, and increases after repeated camping in the same area, especially when foraging instead of using supplies. Survival skill reduces this risk.
  • While in exploration mode, poison effects will be suffered every 30s instead of every 3s. The Vitality check to reduce poison power is now harder (had a bonus previously, which has been removed). This makes antidotes and poison-healing spells more relevant. These changes have no effect during combat.

Features & Improvements

  • Skill Disarm Traps implemented. Beware, new traps added, and now chests can be trapped!
  • Since a new skill was implemented, after loading an old save you can now reset your skill points(only once per character).
  • You can now browse a discipline's spells from your Character Window (hover over the discipline and press F1). This should help you decide which disciplines to train. Limited to current Rank+1.
  • The game will now autosave after camping (if there was no encounter), and also at the game start.


  • Solved an issue in Rasagor's conversation that allowed to retry certain dialogue check.
  • Solved an UI align issue with spell descriptions.
  • Enemy 'Protections' were sometimes showing incorrectly on Mythology window. Fixed.
  • Fixed an UI issue that would often position incorrectly the 'tooltip' when hovering over an UI or map element.
  • Fountain of Discipline was showing an incorrect name on the map.
  • Fountain of Protection bonus was not being applied correctly to your characters. Fixed.
  • Some spells were showing a duration info with decimals. Solved.
  • Status effect duration during camp rest showed several glitches, fixed now.
  • Fixed many typos and other text issues in dialogues and journal entries.

Thanks Couchpotato!

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