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Broken Roads - Origin Story - Surveyor

by Hiddenx, 2024-03-30 16:16:39

Couchpotato spotted the origin story of the Surveyor:

Broken Roads Origin Stories - Surveyor

The wide-open places call to you. They always have.

"You love the thrill of discovering places that fell off the maps or finding the towns that have sprung up since the fall. It’s almost as good as getting paid when you tell some new client what you’ve found."

The wide-open places call to you. They always have. You spent nights under the stars as a child, your parents teaching you about constellations, the plants, the animals. The first time you learned how to use a compass, you were hooked. You took off from home young to explore the trackless wastes. It was only a happy accident that you discovered you could make some serious coin by telling people what you found.

The world is a treasure waiting to be found. You're just the fella to reveal its secrets.

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Broken Roads

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