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Broken Roads - Review

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-13 17:22:58

Capsule Computers reviewed Broken Roads:

Broken Roads Review

When one thinks of the post-apocalypse, it almost always involves some form of nuclear destruction, plague, or even zombie threat as the survivors struggle to continue living in a world that wants them dead. Usually these are set in a North American city or greater region, sometimes in Europe, but what about a place where the wildlife wants to kill its residents even on a normal day? Few games take advantage of Australia and the unique aspects the continent provides, even less in a post-apocalyptic Australia. So when indie developer Drop Bear Bytes worked hard to put out a CRPG called Broken Roads, where players have a moral compass, choices to make, and a world to survive in all while exploring Western Australia, it seemed like a perfect chance for something new. If only the game’s name didn’t end up having a double-meaning in the end.


As someone from a place with eternal road construction, seeing broken roads get patched is a common occurrence and often one that makes for smooth sailing after a while, but in the case of Drop Bear Bytes’ Broken Roads, some of these issues run deeper than the bug riddled experience, what with its lackluster combat, boring companions, and lacking quality of life features. Playing through the game the multiple times I needed to to actually see it through, it is evident that there is a lot of passion here and the writing does show it. The morality compass, the numerous ways things can develop and progress, and the unique Australian flavoring seeping from every crack in this broken road makes it an interesting game that we hope can get fixed in the future, even if some of its issues are far deeper than some patches can fix.

Score 4/10

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