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Capes - PAX West Impression @ RPGamer

by Hiddenx, 2023-09-19 17:46:44

RPGamer checked out the tactical RPG Capes:

Capes PAX West Impression

Capes is a story about superheroes reclaiming their city from super villains and their agents, with a lot of characters to dive into there’s someone to connect with.

Superheroes have been a surefire way to gain interest in recent years.  There’s a vast array of possible directions for superhero stories, be they straight good-versus-evil tales or closer examinations of how they might deal with the general populace.  Spitfire Interactive’s tactical turn-based RPG Capes takes a look at an underground movement of superheroes as they fight back against the supervillain regime that won the fight for the city.

Capes is set twenty years after the supervillains initially took over the city, and players control a burgeoning group of crime fighters that are trying to reclaim it.  The party is built up slowly as they steadily find others with superpowers who want to change the status quo.  Recruitment isn’t one-sided, however, as agents track down anyone who gets superpowers, and they’re disposed of it they don’t join the supervillains.

In between main story missions, there are also repeatable levels and side quests to go through for extra levels and world building.  These quests have different objectives to deal with and are all launched from Cape, the headquarters for this intrepid band of heroes.  The demo shows two of the heroes: Facet, who is able to crystalize himself or nearby particles to provide high defence, and Rebound, who teleports short distances in a puff of smoke to be an agile member.  They are on a mission to save Mindfire, a wheelchair bound telekinetic, from being captured by agents.


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