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Capes - Preview @ Gamer Social Club

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-29 18:47:55

The Gamer Social Club checked out the upcoming tactical RPG Capes:

Capes Preview – The Supes are back in town… well, almost.

Welcome to Capes, the turn-based tactics game based in a world where the supervillains won.

The streets of King City are suffocating under the boot heel of The Company, and it’s up to the Capes (and you!) to stop it!

Welcome to Capes, the turn-based tactics game based in a world where the supervillains won. This first game from Spitfire Interactive and Deadalic Entertainment is set to release in early May, and brings superheroes to the X-Com style of turn-based tactical action. Clearly a labor of the love of comic books, the game captures a modern day interactive vibe quite well. The devs were kind enough to provide GSC with a code and I was allowed to play the first chapter, which is pretty awesome!! Thanks to the guys at Spitfire and Deadalic for that! Now…onto the preview.

Since bein’ this is my first game preview, am going to stick to a similar structure to my reviews. So let’s start with the Good!

The Good!
First things first, the graphics are actually really impressive for a indie dev working on their first game. Lots of very modern graphics techniques at play here and optimized fairly well for a preview build; the game ran quite well at 1080p and High settings on my i7-3770K/1050TI machine. There’s a decidedly cartoon/comic book visual aesthetic to the world design and visual style, while still retaining the photorealism vibe of most of today’s game engines. Interstitial cutscenes and character bios are presented with hand-drawn characters and limited animation sequences between missions, all really nailing the theme the devs were going for. The writing is a little hit or miss sometimes, but overall, manages to fit right into the campy, over the top and intentionally cliche world of light superhero comics very well. The voice acting, especially for the villains(which is where the money was spent in this regard), is actually quite enjoyable. The villains are suitably over the top and comment on the normal superhero/supervillain tropes of the genre, which makes for some laughs when you encounter them.


Thanks Couchpotato!


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