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CivCraft - AMA and Stealth

by Myrthos, 2015-08-17 23:17:37

The Kickstarter for Civcraft has seen two new updates. The first is about the Reddit Ask Me Anything of yesterday, which covered something about their name:

Although we covered many questions and remarks, the AMA became incoherent when a community claiming for CivCraft's name started "trolling" us. We don't think there's any point in fueling that discussion, except for clarifying the fact that we're not trying to use the name CivCraft for anything other than a cool name, and that we've been around for the same time as any other community or mod, and even have a WIPO Trademark on our name. We're not trying to pick a fight and hope that they will move on.

And on nicer news, there is an update on how stealth in the game works.

Whenever you are in a dangerous area, you may enter a "Sneak mode" and try to evade your enemies. The sneak mode is affected by your skills, so the higher perception your enemies will have, the harder it will be to sneak past them.

Stealth is not a simple thing to master, as you will have to use your surroundings with great care. To successfully pass through entire armies towards your target, you will have to consider the following:

  • What you wear will greatly affect your stealth
  • Moving while in stealth mode will make noise
  • Moving in the shadows or darkness will boost your evasion
  • Hiding behind obstacles and foliage will hide you from most enemies
  • Some creatures has a keen sense of smell
But that's not all you can do, as a true stealth master will go where his enemies will never expect!

Another cool feature we've been working on is the ability to climb walls and obstacles. Depending on your climbing skill, a master of evasion will scale through walls, evade guards, open the gate and let an entire army pass through.


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