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CivCraft - Bonus and Roadmap

by Myrthos, 2015-09-11 23:43:49

As a bonus to reaching 30K in the CivCraft campaign, the backers get Krassus, the warrior hero.

In addition the roadmap for the game is presented.

Also, here's our planned road map for CivCraft, from top to bottom

  • Early Access with our current map and several locations to explore
  • More maps unlocked and the ability to travel to distant lands
  • Siege weapons and an enemy faction
  • Unique spells and items, more locations to explore and lore related quests
  • Espionage mechanism, more maps and a new faction with espionage quests
  • Stealth mechanism, wall climbing and unique stealth skills
  • Dark forests, new locations, factions, spells and content
  • Tech tree and spell research, including building and soldier upgrade
  • Character customization, expressions and new clothes
  • Arch-Mage and unique combat moves, including Arch-Mage types
  • Special lore quests and the beginning of the main story
  • More features and updates, depending on requests made by you

Our road map include exact dates and assets for our development team and most of the features have been acquired or tested. The first Early Access version will be distributed in October and we'll post each new road map item as an update every two weeks. We estimate that we'll finish the Beta at the beginning of 2016, and the rest will be history :-)

Since we didn't reach the multiplayer and console version stretch goals, we estimate that they will be included at the Beta, along with support for modding. Since Unity5 engine supports multiple platforms, we're planning to add support for consoles as soon as possible.


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