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CivCraft - Espionage Pack

by Myrthos, 2015-08-23 23:20:01

As we are nearing the stretch goal for the Espionage pack in the CivCraft Kickstarter, which will be available to those who pledged up to that stretch goal, more information about it is made available.

In your built tavern, you can recruit heroes. Some heroes are warriors, Mages or Rangers, while others are skilled in the art of stealth. These heroes are proficient in the arts of alchemy, charisma, stealth or intelligence.

Depending on their skills, you can assign a hero to one of the following tasks

  • Espionage (intelligence, charisma)
  • Incite revolutions, persuade a leader or bribe a general (charisma, intelligence)
  • Sabotage (alchemy, stealth)
  • Assassination (stealth, alchemy)
Once a spy has been assigned to a task, he/she will travel to the designated target and try to perform your orders as best as possible. There could be many outcomes depending on your orders, the rival kingdom's awareness, counter espionage and your spy's skills.
Any hero can be sent on an espionage mission, but you should only send a skilled hero, since a failed mission could mean an execution, a hostage to rescue or even a declaration of war.

Some animate can be found by following the above link.

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