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CivCraft - Facial Expressions and a New Stretch Goal

by Myrthos, 2015-09-07 23:10:31

CivCraft can now do facial expressions. On their Kickstarter page you can find an animated gif with some expressions. In addition they mention adding a new Kickstarter goal at $35K (they are now at $26K, with 5 days to go).

Another good news is that we can implement much of our Level 1 Immersion and Arch Mage pack by reaching a 35K instead of 50K. We're still planning to reach the Arch Mage pack, but the more we rise towards the 50K, the more funds we can spend on adding features and graphics for this pack. This plan already worked through your backing, since we've used a fraction of your future funding and already prototyped the spells, character expressions, winter pack and many other features, even during this campaign

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