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CivCraft - First Person Mode Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-05 04:16:57

Larkon Studio's posted a new kickstarter update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria that goes into detail about how the games First Person Mode will work.

CivCraft First Person (FPS) mode

Here is our CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria FPS mode in detail, as asked by Kickstarter members and by our community.  

Though you can play CivCraft is FPS or RTS modes, you will probably spend some time in first person mode, whether to fight battles , explore the land around you or just admire the view.  

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria FPS mode is similar to other FPS games; you have a crosshair, a health bar and a quick item switch slot, as well as a manna and stamina bar.

But there's more than meets the eye in CivCraft combat system, as we added some extra features that adds more ways to fight your enemies, as well as some realistic elements that we thought CivCraft gameplay should have.

Left/Right hand assignment

Through your inventory, you can set both left and right hand item for each quick select slot in your inventory. For instance, you can set a sword, along with a shield or a magic and use any or both of them simultaneously.

Compass and locations indicator

Well, we don't want you to lose your way in Ellaria, so we added a compass to the top of your screen. The compass will also indicate the nearest city and interesting locations, as well as a quest marker to your current quest. A must have for any adventurer.

Enemy sound tracking

Since we noticed not everyone has surround speakers, we added a sound tracking display that will show new enemies on your HUD. Whenever an enemy makes a sound, hits you or generally alerts you, you will see a "radar" display, indicating his general direction. Of course, you'll have to learn and master the stealth skills if you want to use this system effectively, as anything is skill based in CivCraft.

Combo moves

As your skills increase, you'l notice you have more options in combat, as we designed CivCraft combat system for combos and timed attacks. Every repeated attack with the same melee weapon will result in a new and more deadlier strike, and skilled warriors can deliver multiple blows to an enemy. You should be careful though, as your stamina can decrease rapidly during combos, and skilled enemies can block and counter attack your combos.

Stealth System

In the Espionage pack, we will include the ability to enter stealth mode. When in stealth mode, you can sneak behind unsuspecting enemies, as long as you are in the dark, unnoticed and silent. Why develop a stealth system? Because it's fun and useful! You can open castle gates, sabotage the enemy's buildings or sneak past that huge ogre and into the treasure room.

Mage combat system

Mages in CivCraft are not just a glass cannon, as we added many features to help mages both in close quarters and against other mages. Although magic has a longer skill tree and is harder to master, mages can shield themselves from melee attacks, teleport to safety and push enemies away. In addition, you can master one or several types of magic, each with it's unique abilities and spells.

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