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CivCraft - Gameplay In a Nutshell

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-28 00:56:34

Larkon Studio's has posted the second update for CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria that goes into detail about gameplay, and hopefully answers any questions you all have.

CivCraft gameplay in a nutshell.

Here is our CivCraft gameplay in a nutshell, as asked by Kickstarter members and by our community.

CivCraft is a fantasy first person shooter with the ability to build cities, fight strategic battles and expand your kingdom. It has two modes - First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy mode.

First Person view

Whether you manage your kingdom or explore the land by yourself, you control your own character and develop your abilities. Your combat view shows what you need to know about your abilities, health, manna and location. You’ll be very familiar with our first person view, as it follows the same standards as other FPS games.

Real Time Strategy menu

The RTS menu is fairly easy to learn, and has kingdom management, construction management and unit control. However, in CivCraft, you don’t need to control every single person, as they go to their daily duties and gather resources, run buildings or just go about their business. During battles, you control formations and army tactics and can manage your entire army through the RTS menu.

Switching between FPS and RTS

CivCraft view modes can be switched at any time with a single button (The ‘R’ key, if you were wondering), and you can use both menus throughout the game. You can’t, however, use the RTS menu in “Quest areas”, since these areas are meant for small groups.

Quest Areas

Through Ellaria, you’ll find “Quest Areas”. These locations are either enemy camps, caves, ruins, other dimensions or as part of clues given by a fellow adventurer . Since you can’t fit an army into a quest area, you’ll have to take action and go there by yourself, or send one of your heroes. Quest areas are usually dangerous and affect the entire regions around them, but can contain clues, special artifacts and riches that will help you grow your kingdom.

Your world

We have designed CivCraft to contain a huge world where you can explore and expand. However, since many kings lost their way in Ellaria, we divided it into 2Km maps and added an overlook map. Each place can contain a city and several towns, and is owned by a kingdom or is neutral. The result? kingdom borders, easy travel and quick loading between maps.


Kingdoms in Ellaria, whether players or computer based, has their own area and towns. They react to your actions and can be your friends, allies, enemies or just neutral. You can, and should, establish trade routes and treaties with these kingdoms to empower yours, and can visit friendly kingdoms personally. But beware, your actions inside another kingdom will greatly affect your relations, as you represent your kingdom in these foreign lands.

Construction and expansion

Just in case you want to manage your city construction, you can set a location of a city through the RTS menu, then construct buildings in that area. Each building you construct requires resources, people to build it and has an upkeep. There are several types of buildings and each can help your city. For instance, you can build barracks and train soldiers, houses and many other types of buildings. However, if city engineering is not your style, you can always tell your advisor to manage the city construction by himself.

Your role in Ellaria

Your adventures in Ellaria are not just by expanding your kingdom. We’ve built a unique story that you can follow, which involves your former enemy and invaders from other rifts. Though the story of Ellaria is not forced on you, we’re sure you'll be drawn to it from the very beginning, as it contains it’s own rewards, a great story and an epic battle in another dimension.

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