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CivCraft - Interview @ WCCF Tech

by Myrthos, 2015-08-14 23:45:09

WCCF Tech has an exclusive interview with Arik Helman, CEO & Game Designer of Larkon Studio, about CivCraft Legends of Ellaria.

  • Will it be expected of players to constantly switch between FPS & RTS mode in order to successfully complete the story?
  • It won’t be mandatory to play in FPS, and it won’t be mandatory to play in RTS. When you’re in FPS, you can tell your armies to move and attack by themselves, and tell your advisor to expand the city by his own. When you’re in RTS, you can resolve most issues from your RTS menu, and experience a more “Total War Series” type of game.  You can even send your recruited heroes to take quests on your behalf, but will have to choose which one is best fit for the job. We’ve made sure that you won’t be bogged down with unnecessary learning and gameplay modes, and play CivCraft however you want.
  • You mentioned that Ellaria, the world of CivCraft, spans for over 450 square KM, which is almost ten times than the biggest open world games available right now. Is the world fully seamless, and are you using some kind of procedural generation to ensure that it’s not empty of content?
  • Actually, there are games out there with much bigger terrain sizes, since game terrains are usually measured by how far you can walk and how big the terrain is according to your character. Having said that, We’ve built our terrain around an actual terrain from Nepal, including rivers, mountains and terrain detail, and shaped that terrain to be magical and unique. Since then, our development involves around adding more special locations in Ellaria, as well as adding a unique feeling to it. We admit that not all the terrain will be open during the Early Access, but the terrain will grow from update to update.

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