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CivCraft - Release Date

by Myrthos, 2015-12-02 13:19:41

In their third progress report for Civcraft, we learn that the release date is set to the first of January 2016.

As we've passed another week of hard coding and designing, we've reached many achievements and milestones. Although it took longer than expected, we finally have an official release date, which we intend to keep to the minute.

CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria's Early Access will be officially released, exclusively to you, on the 1st of January, 2016. The first version will be followed by multiple updates and features and will be influenced by your feedback and votes, for many months to come, until it's release to steam at around mid 2016. Until then, we'll also post several gameplay videos for your feedback, so that we'll know we're on the right track. Once the Early Access is released, we'll also design items, spells, heroes and the tiers we promised to deliver, as well as the Kickstarter edition.

For the "Double" tier owners, now is the time to send us information about the second owners of the Early Access game keys, so that they will receive CivCraft as soon as it's published. If we'll receive their email accounts by the 25th of December, they will get the benefit of playing CivCraft as soon as it's released.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience. we'll release a short gameplay video at around next week, and we can't wait for the Early Access to come out.

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