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Consortium - More Character Updates

by Myrthos, 2013-03-28 12:54:40

Here are some more character updates of Consortium's Pawns.

Character Summary: Gary Ma (born Ma Yat Hang) was a single child born in Hong Kong to middle class parents who, at the time, owned a low-end restaurant in the Aberdeen district.  Gary’s father died of lung cancer when he was five years old, and not wanting Gary to follow in his footsteps, his mother sold the restaurant soon after.  A year later mother and son moved to Vancouver, B.C., where Gary’s uncle (father’s side) was living and doing well for himself as a hotel manager in what he called a “yuppie part of town.”

At the age of 16, after doing a school project on oceanic acidification, Gary decided he was going to dedicate his life to the environment.  It of course didn’t hurt that his class partner on the project was his wife-to-be, Carla, and that her parents were responsible for pretty much literally “saving the whales” following the Resource Wars.  They were married in September of 2028, three months before Carla and Gary’s mother were both killed in what their world calls the “Great Vancouver Earthquake.”

Gary has a long history with Taryn Fisher/Knight 15 (the “boss” of the Zenlil crew).  They met in 2030 at a vigil for the victims of the Vancouver quake which decimated the entire city and much of the Lower Mainland on December 21st, 2028.  At the time Gary was working for Environment Canada and was known for his publications on rising water temperatures off the coast of B.C. and how it’s affecting the fishing industry there.  Not exactly exciting stuff, but he was making a name for himself as a prominent environmental scientist within well respected circles.

Fast forward a couple years and a couple degrees later, to March of 2037.  Taryn Fisher was inducted into the Consortium as the first Knight for the newly constructed C-3800-D, Zenlil.  After following his career closely, she recommended Gary for a position on her crew.  He joined without hesitation, was given the title “Pawn 1” as a joke by the King (the King has unusual methods for choosing the numbers), and has since been a loyally dedicated officer.

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