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Consortium - New Patch & Game Update

by Couchpotato, 2015-01-13 04:32:16

Interdimensional Games latest update on Steam has news a patch has been released for Consortium to fix many bugs, and they talk about the games second episode.

The Tower Prophecy / V1.22 / Spanish

A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all!

It’s been just a few days since the one year anniversary of CONSORTIUM launching on Steam, and we are proud to say that our game remains as unique and original as the day it launched! We felt an update was in order due to some important announcements about CONSORTIUM as we head into a brand new year, so let’s get down to it. First....

Rock, Paper, Shotgun have recently published a new feature on CONSORTIUM

CONSORTIUM: The Tower Prophecy

We are excited to be at the point where we can officially announce our work toward Game Two of the iDGi Trilogy[].

Please feel free to share that link far and wide across the internet! Currently the Tower Prophecy team is split into two parts: pre-production, which consists of writers and art, and those working on a crowdfunding pitch video.

Check out a recent post from Vidal Desertch

Finally, Please consider signing up for our Game Two mailing list in order to receive updates and have a chance to weigh in on our pitch video efforts before we go live on the campaign. Your feedback will be extremely critical for the final product.

V 1.22 is here

We have just released CONSORTIUM v1.22. Included with the patch are a huge list of fixes (big and small), game balance improvements and tweaks based on the last year of feedback. For a complete list of all new stuff and changes made in V1.22, scroll to the bottom HERE (Spoiler alert!).

We would like to extend a huge THANK-YOU to all players who went out of their way to tell us of issues and bugs on the Steam forums and through email, as this communication helped us immensely in making this patch happen.

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