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Consortium - Patch Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-17 07:59:59

Interdimensional Games has released an update about the upcoming mega patch. I'm guessing they need more time as it's the 17th , and no patch is out yet.

January 16th Patch

One more day and the patch goes live, and all of your on-going saved games will be wiped.

We apologize for this in advance, but as expressed before it is completely out of our control as the changes we'll be making to the maps are significant.

We’ve nailed every game stopper, made a significant step forward in frame rate improvements for at least middle-range video cards, and made a slew of smaller tweaks here and there to improve the experience as a whole. We want to be sure that when this patch inevitably (and unavoidably) wipes your save games, playing a new game will feel like the first time.

Tomorrow evening, January 16th, between 6-9pm EST, we will be uploading an automatic patch that will invalidate all of your save games EXCEPT for those in which you successfully completed the game...those will always be saved for Game Two.

We encourage everyone to play this version and let us know about your redux experience on the forums, or comment below! We promise a significantly improved experience across the board.

Right now anyone linked into the optional Beta can get access to the latest improvements and fixes, which are all listed here (keeping in mind all save games are invalidated daily while using the optional Beta).

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