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Consortium - Post-Funding Update #31

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-30 04:23:49

Consortium has a new post-funding update with news the story beta is now available, and talks about Steam Greenlight.

Development Update

We are now at version 0.975 of Consortium.  Everything is in place.  There are but a handful of content/feature related polish items remaining that we want to make sure make it into the game before we can safely label the build as "V1.0". 

  • Sound FX and music passes are 95% complete.  
  • All choreography has been 100% completed.  We are now firmly in the editing stage!  (lots of magic happening here right now in the storytelling department....)
  • We are still tying up various content "loose threads", such as some of the fallout issues stemming from our "Extreme Zenlil Simulation" stretch goal features and other little unfinished bits here and there.
  • We've been discovering and working on fixes to all sorts of technical issues related to making sure the game can run on a myriad of hardware configurations that exist out there.  For instance, the game will now run on 32 bit OS machines, and various optimizations have been made to make the game load faster and improve the general frame-rate.  This process continues...
  • We're working on things like the release trailer and the credits!  

Generally though, we are largely in the cycle of testing/fixing.  Testing reveals issues and bugs, then we fix them.  Repeat, repeat, repeat....repeat.  We've said this before, but with a game like this it's exceedingly difficult to accurately guess how long this process will ultimately take.  We're a small team that's capable of a lot, but there's only so much that can be done each day! is looking *extremely* likely that v1.0 will be available for you all by mid November or perhaps a little earlier.  

We readily admit that our original estimates were simply incorrect.  The last parts of our game have been very challenging to pull off, with plenty of unforeseen problems that we've had to solve.

Beta Backers

We need ALL of your help!  Even if you count yourself in the camp of wanting to wait until the game is done and polished before playing it.... PLEASE, grab the latest beta version, install it, and just play it for 15 minutes.  That is all we ask.  We want to get the game running on all sorts of different machine configurations.  Tell us if you encounter basic technical issues.  The first few hours of gameplay are largely completely finished as well, so you would not be ruining your final experience if you kept playing for a little longer... ;-)

So, if you haven't already done so, claim your FULL STORY BETA BUILD now at Humble Bundle:  Go here and enter in the email you used to back us here on Kickstarter.

Play it, then jump onto the dev forums and talk about your experience!

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