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Consortium - Review @ Gamespot

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-20 04:11:03

Gamespot has the first review for Consortium that I could find this week, and they give the game a final score 6/10.

Consortium delivers a uniquely enjoyable RPG experience despite its rather disappointing running time of around four to five hours. That's not as bad as it initially sounds, however, since you discover remarkable differences in gameplay depending on how you make your decisions throughout the game (and on whether you decide to shoot up the place), thus lending Consortium a dose of replay value. For now, at least, it's best to wait. Consortium has a fascinating story to tell that leads you down some bizarre narrative pathways that break the fourth wall, and it's likely best experienced when you can get it to play without crashing or bugging out. Considering that it's partly a game about time travel, a couple of weeks isn't that long to hold out.

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