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Consortium - Status Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-12 04:34:34

After the botched release of Consortium Interdimensional Games has released a status update on Steam about the state of the game, and their future plans.

We deeply apologize to those of you who found yourself engrossed in the game, only to be thrown out of it due to a crash or other game breaking issue. Firstly, this is inexcusable and we will be working around the clock to clear out all of these major game breaking bugs.

The truth is that we honestly felt the game was ready, and in hindsight didn't realize or anticipate the full range of systems we've not even remotely tested on and how many frankly strange performance issues folks are having on really solid machines. Our experimental renderer is largely the culprit for many of the crashes and slowdowns being experienced, and was something we were honestly worried about though we did not expect such a rash of issues tied to it after seeing it run smoothly on a number of different setups. Without the renderer the game would look far more static and much of the atmosphere in key scenes would be lost.

Performance issues aside for a moment, the whole game is one logic check after another and it’s a FACT we should have been smarter and realized we needed far more people playing the game and all its “paths,” before we could call it finished. Even our limited Beta testing through Kickstarter (which was our “closed beta”) resulted in only a handful of people willing to test with us (quite literally under 20 people) BUT this we understood because it’s a heavy story driven game! Who wants to be spoiled in a story driven game by a Beta build?! So we forged on and for months beat on the game until it ran well and smooth on all of OUR machines.

In the end, our confidence in the game being bug free was misplaced. While we truly *hoped* that the version we launched yesterday was going to hold up against the onslaught of thousands of players around the world playing it with their own play style AND their own unique system configurations, it was clearly an unrealistic hope.

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