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Consortium - Updates

by Myrthos, 2013-03-25 13:09:52

Having past the 50% mark of reaching their goal of $50K it is time to look at the updates for the Consortium Kickstarter. The latest being on the characters in the game and their actors and a Q&A with these actors.

Character Summary:  Some of you may remember Patricia from the Alternate Reality Game based in 2028.  She was responsible for luring one of the main characters, Kevin Chard – “father” to the Consortium King, into her confidence at the bidding of one of the main antagonists.  Immediately after realizing the extent of what she was helping commit, she befriended Consortium founder Dr. David Schelter and has since dedicated her life to atoning for her mistakes which indirectly cost the lives of thousands of people.  She joined the Consortium as a general C-3800 engineer in 2039, and never looked back.

It’s now 2042, she has just recently gotten married to a man she met while vacationing in Peru (many of Zenlil’s crew went to the wedding) and they are currently working on their first child together.  Patricia is also a very spiritual person, being both a member of the Guardian and Catholic Churches.

Extra Notes:  While her name and heritage are very clearly British, Patricia spent most of her life in Mexico and so has learned to adopt a strong, Spanish accent.  Those closest to her would say that she even feels resentment toward her English heritage after being abandoned by her parents at an early age.

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