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Consortium - Development Update

by Couchpotato, 2013-07-26 02:42:27

Interdimensional Games has updated their kickstarter webpage with an update on the progress of Consortium.

Where we are at:

CONSORTIUM is now sitting at approximately 95% content complete! If all goes well, by the end of August CONSORTIUM v1.0 will be finished!

  • Almost all voice acting is now in the game. Only two recording sessions remain. One session is for the Consortium King, and the other is a special ensemble scene we're waiting as late as possible to record, so we can include all "pick-ups" that have come up through testing and the last bits of content 
  • Animation work continues at a rapid pace, and we are now very close to having all the core story scenes animated. 
  • Choreography continues at a similarly fast pace. Still lots to go, but luckily choreography is very low-risk content, so we'll be adding new choreography the day before we launch... 
  • Gameplay scripting has made a ton of progress - within a week or two of today, principal gameplay scripting will be completed. 
  • The core mechanics have undergone significant polish, tuning and improvements based on all the great feedback we received from our first two beta builds. 
  • Music and Sound FX: Work has begun on the final passes for both of these, but much work remains to be done. 

In general, we're very quickly reaching the point where we will be spending all our time playtesting, debugging, tuning and polishing.....speaking of which... 

For Beta Testers ($20 tiers and higher...)

The first STORY beta build is here! We have released a custom build just for you, and download instructions can be found in our Development Forums. As before, everyone who downloads the game and sends us feedback (or simply emails us statistics files...) will get an official credit as a CONSORTIUM tester. 

For those of you worried about "ruining" the final game. We have tried to help this problem by only including the introductory Zenlil freeroam in this demo...which is almost entirely finished. You could think of it as the first chapter of CONSORTIUM. 

 We really do need as many people to play the game and send us statistics files so that we can properly tune and balance the changing NPC Alignment please, come and get the build and shoot us any and all feedback that you may have - we're listening! 

More Soon...

Once we're able to ease up on the crunch a little and we are finally sitting at 100% content complete, we will begin the process of getting all the physical tier rewards put together and shipped off to you. 

In addition, we will start the process of promoting CONSORTIUM to support it's launch, so you will be hearing much more from us.

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