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Consortium - New Patch Available

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-12 04:24:16

Interdimensional Games once again posted information that a new patch is now available for their kickstarter game Consortium. Here are the details.

V1.14 is here

We are finished with performance optimizations...the game now runs as it should on minimum spec machines and higher.

In two weeks, on March 24th, we have decided that we will be once again updating the maps of the game with a variety of fixes and improvements based on all the feedback we have received since January 31st. This WILL mean that any on-going saves will be invalidated. Remember, however, that all completed universes will not be affected!

This is the third and possibly last time that we will have to do this, but what it means is that your game will become more polished and immersive in a variety of ways.


  • DX9Ex upgrade is now up, but requires opting into a new beta. This fixes the game crashing when alt-tabbing and allows you to make changes to the video settings while the game is running. To opt into the beta, right-click on Consortium, go to properties, click on the betas tab, then select "beta_4 - Direct X 9 EX Test".
  • The games script parser and script tree hierarchy walker which originally was written in python has been replaced with a C++ version. Not only is the C++ version far quicker, it also eradicates the serious issues we have seen with the python interpreter on some machines.
  • The "white line" that was appearing across the screen for many folks has been fixed.
  • Kiril Angelov related Steam achievements are once again firing when they should.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when loading certain saved games.


  • Zenlil defense minigame: tuning work that increases the player energy recharge rate on easy and medium difficulties. In addition, a bug was fixed that was causing far too much camera shake and iDGi-1 distortion.
  • Music polish. Various tracks throughout the story have been fixed and improved.


  • We are deep into porting the game to the Mac (OSX) and Linux platforms.
  • A few system configurations out there are still having trouble with the IGGY controlled HUD. Crashing when closing the inventory screen is one of the rare symptom of this. We are working to track down the cause.
  • We are working to uncover a rare issue late in the game that can sometimes occur, involving most of Zenlil's lights being off in addition to various doors remaining locked.
  • Spanish localization. Lots of progress made, working on it...
  • Doubling sub-titles. This is an annoying issue that is still at large, because we're still having trouble reliably replicating the issue to debug it. We will get to the bottom of it though...

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