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Copper Dreams - Diverging from HP

by Silver, 2016-06-05 08:12:16

The Copper Dreams kickstarter have released another update. This one focuses on the wounds system and explains how it works. Copper Dreams has entered its final week and has collected 32K out of a 40K goal with 6 days remaining.

Diverging from HP

Your character's ailments are represented by three different bars below their portrait in the main HUD, accruing a full bar of ailments in any of these lead to death. You can see these in more detail on your character sheet, which will also automatically find any medical equipment you may have that could cure them out in the field.

The three categories of ailments that all different kinds of damage fall under are Lesser, Greater, and Mortal.

  • Lesser Ailments are light wounds that would hardly faze you like a bullet graze or getting winded. These can often be recovered from automatically after combat, though some will require further healing. Characters have a large capacity of these types of wounds they can endure.
  • Greater Ailments are a medium wound that is bearable but can begin deteriorating character stats and combat efficiency. Some of these kinds of wounds can be shrugged off after combat, but will more often need medical supplies from equipment or a clinic to to be healed.
  • Mortal Ailments are a critical problem, like a pierced lung or other organ damage. These will always require medical supplies or a clinic to remove, and may make you consider how to change tactics for that character based on how their body is damaged. These are not "just a flesh wound!"

Every PC and NPC has a set number of ailments for each category they can receive before death takes them. There is a player advantage system with this though, in that a PC doesn't immediately die when a category is filled, but rather drops unconscious during combat. Another hit thereafter will kill them. So for example, a security guard might have a capacity of five Lesser Ailments, three Greater Ailments and one Mortal Ailment, which means if you setup your attack and roll with luck you might kill them with one mortal ailment, or a poorly planned and rolled attack may deal Lesser Ailments, but if you dealt five of those they'll still be dead, regardless of how many Mortal or Greater Ailments they have.


The infograph below shows an example of the breakdown of dealing damage with a ray gun:
ray gun damage

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