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Copper Dreams - No-load maps and Cars

by Silver, 2019-11-01 21:09:03

A large update for Copper Dreams announces that Beta is near and talks about some new mechanics with vehicles and a bunch of other stuff.

We wanted to share some of the final tech that went into the beta that we mentioned in the last update.

Due to some pesky life stuff, we haven’t been able to finalize what we needed to for the beta — primarily driving enemies and some visual anomalies that need updating like mesh-swapping armor pieces working and some effects that will make gameplay more clear. Our newest alpha build featuring the start of those will be up in the next few days, followed by a video showcasing the beta, and releasing it on the 15th of November. A thousand apologies for the delay — we're very excited to finally get it in your hands, and will be on track for a 2020 release.

Beta testers, you’ll be getting an email when that’s available regarding what help we’re looking for with the start of the game. It'll explain what we can focus on tweaking with your suggestions while adding more of those maps in as we continue to finish stitching them together.



The treader is the most common street car you'll find in the game. Quinton, the local syndicate that produces tech and machinery, supplies these on the colonies from surplus and outdated military supplies from the Ci-War. Tread-based vehicles were the most common militarized vehicle and transport for navigating uneven terrain before the bipedal tanks became standard. Any vehicle that uses military treads form tanks into re-purposed single seat all terrain vehicles are referred to as Treaders. Fast and durable, you'll find these throughout the city from Quinton manufacturing as well as cobbled together junkers. 


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