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Dark Souls - Ballad of the Dark Lord

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-30 00:37:15

A YouTube user by the name of TerraMantis has a new Dark Souls fanmade video for us called The Ballad of the Dark Lord.

This Dark Souls Lore video covers the aspect of the so-called Dark Lord ending, but it spans beyond the ending alone. This video starts from the conception of the pygmy's dark soul, looks into the mind of the darkwraith and then leaps through time to the extinguishing of Lord Gwyn's Fire Link by the Dark Lord.

If I have learned anything about Dark Souls, it's that nothing is quite as simple or just as it seems. Ambiguity is very much a theme in Dark Souls and with this video I try to put some perspective on what is ideally considered the "bad" ending of the game. The Dark Lord ending is considered the morally unjust ending due mostly to its association with words like "Dark" the "Darkwraiths" themselves and doing away with the "light" which is usually associated with good in straightforward storytelling, but Dark Souls is anything but straightforward. Also, opposed to the Link the Flame ending, the Dark Lord ending is about seizing power instead of self-sacrifice.

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