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Dark Souls - Editorial @ Pixel Gate

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-07 05:05:48

Pixel Gate has posted a new article about Dark Souls. Seems we get one every week so give it a read if you're interested in reading another one.

Dark Souls 2 is one of 2014′s biggest releases despite it only being released on last-generation systems–and for good reason. The first Dark Souls introduced a whole new generation of people to the old-school unforgiving style of gameplay that was once the norm in videogames. No hand-holding, no cheap means to victory, no shortcuts, just challenge and death. Plenty of death.

The success of Dark Souls was something of a surprise given that the market was considered niche. The earlier release of the PS3 exclusive Demon Souls, arguably the harder game, proved there was a fairly large player base wanting more of the brutal gameplay, thus paving the way for its spiritual successor. But just why was Dark Souls such a success?

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