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Dark Souls - Life after Death @ EuroGamer

by Couchpotato, 2015-03-23 05:17:00

Kristan Reed published a new article on Eurogamer about replaying Dark Souls.

For several years now, Dark Souls has been my favourite game. It used to be a difficult decision to mull over, like it is every time someone asks what your favourite song or artist or album is. By in this case, it consumed me so utterly; it almost ruined video games for me forever. After that, most other games seemed trivial, shallow, and dare I say it, hollow. Only a handful of games have made any impression on me since, and two of those are also From titles (the other two are The Walking Dead Season 1 and The Last Of Us).

And even now, more than three years on from my first encounters with Dark Souls, that sense of closure still hasn't arrived. I feel drawn to exploring more of the PvP side that I neglected, or just spend some time helping out hapless warriors in need of a big old tank to rip Gaping Dragon a new one. The next time you're wandering through Lordran, hoping for a summon sign to show up outside a fog door, it might well be me. I'll try not to suck.

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