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Dark Souls - Players Have Found Everything

by Aubrielle, 2015-12-23 00:31:58

Hideteki Miyazaki, director of Dark Souls, says that there's no more hidden stuff left to find in the game.  Players have found it all.

It's been four years since the launch of the original Dark Souls and people are still hunting for undiscovered items, but game director Hidetaki Miyazaki says he's confident we've found everything. In an interview in the upcoming issue of Edge Magazine, Miyazaki admits that he feels that the game was never truly complete but players have seen everything on offer.

Is there anything they haven't found yet? "Well, there aren’t any undiscovered items, or specific bits of gameplay," he says. "But Dark Souls is in some ways an incomplete game, and I like to think that it has been completed by players, by their discoveries, as they moved along. I’d love to say that the nature of this incompleteness was completely deliberate, but it is both deliberate and by accident, in different ways."

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