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Dark Souls - Review Roundup # 3

by Myrthos, 2012-09-12 13:04:08

Here are some more reviews of Dark Souls Prepare to Die.

Destructoid does not really have a review but share their impressions.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Dark Souls -- the ability to summon other players and invade their worlds, which nicely complements the brutal, cryptic setting of Lordran -- is less than ideal here. The community seems pretty solid already (with the occasional follow-up "thank you" message on Games for Windows Live after a successful boss run), but "summoning failed" is all too common a sight.

Gamespot has a video review.

TechZed has a review without a score but don't list many of the shortcomings that have been reported elsewhere.

The graphics of this game are wonderful. The Darkroot Garden present in the game is so green that you will feel as if the air around you has gotten warm. The surreal shores of Ash Lake are as if you are walking in some kind of dream. All of the locations are finely detailed, and they are able to stay in the minds of the players. Everything has a sense of beauty, which can’t be ignored, and it’s all because of the attention given to the graphics of the game.

Slimgamer rates it with 4 out of 5 stars.

Now, I say that Dark Souls is a ‘well made’ game – I am of course referring to the original build of Dark Souls which came out on console back in 2011 – the PC (Prepare to Die) edition has been created solely through fan outcry that there was not a PC version. From Software have basically taken their console version of Dark Souls and pushed that square peg against the round hole long enough until it finally fit into place and then pushed it out of the door. Normally this would be a critics dream playground, a shoddy port from console to PC seems to be the ‘in’ thing these days but From Software have openly said that this is all the fans asked for so it’s all that they delivered – I can’t really blame them for that.

And finally the Bellingham Herald with no score but a positive tone.

"Dark Souls" is harmonious - a rare quality which often separates good games from great ones. The artwork, gameplay mechanics, and level design all work together to support the uncompromising, oppressive feel of the game. The new content in the PC release fits right in. While connection issues are still a problem, it's a minor complaint when compared with the staggering number of things "Dark Souls" gets right. "Dark Souls" is a modern masterpiece - a confident title that stands above its contemporaries with much larger budgets. While it wasn't designed with PC inputs in mind, and should be played with a gamepad, "Dark Souls" is every bit as magical on the PC as it is on consoles. If you haven't experienced "Dark Souls" yet (or even if you have), this new edition is well worth the asking price.


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