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Dark Souls III - Gameplay Footage @ IGN

by Hiddenx, 2015-10-29 08:04:07

IGN have taken part in the Dark Souls III stress test - here's some gameplay footage:

Watch 20 Minutes of New Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

Recently I played  2 hours in the Dark Souls 3 stress test. Below is some footage from that time.

What was on offer was very similar to what we played at Tokyo Game Show back in September, but with basic online functionality – summoning, invading, and messages – included for the first time. It's worth noting, before you check out the videos, that this is based on early code (the game isn't out in the West until April next year) so you might spot the occasional bug.

I played as the two magic-orientated characters – the Herald of White (who wields miracles) and the Academy Assassin (who wields sorcery) – and had varying degrees of success... well, I'm more a DEX kind of guy. [...]

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