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Dark Souls III - Mod Adds 10 Classes

by Silver, 2020-04-24 12:58:43

DSOGaming reports on a mod that adds 10 new classes to Dark Souls 3.

Going into more details, the new classes that this mod adds are:

  • Spear of the Church
  • Thorns Knight
  • Knight of Catarina
  • Temple Knight
  • Wandering Knight
  • Slave Knight
  • Lautrec´s Disciple
  • Ghost Slayer
  • Worker
  • Old School Pyromancer

In addition, this mod modifies Sorcerer, Pyromancer and Cleric. Furthermore, it adds Ghost Rapier, Ghost Greatsword and Ghost Shield as new weapons.

You can download this mod from here.


Thanks Farflame!

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