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Dark Souls III - New Promo Pamphlet

by Aubrielle, 2016-01-04 01:47:31

A new promo pamphlet for Dark Souls III has emerged in Japan, showcasing some of the game's features, as well as goodies included in pre-orders like deluxe maps and soundtracks.  And yes, it's been translated into English.

The new entry of the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls III, is going to be released in all regions in a few months. While the game will only reach North America and Europe in April, Japanese players will be able to enjoy the new action role playing game developed by From Software from late March. To better promote the game in Japan, From Software has recently released a Dark Souls III promotional pamphlet and a scan of this pamphlet has surfaced online a few hours ago.

The new Dark Souls III promotional pamphlet highlights some of the game’s features, also showing some in-game screenshots and the Japanese pre-order bonuses, which include a Deluxe Map and original soundtrack CD. Reddit user TheMindWraith has also translated the pamphlet in English, allowing non-Japanese speakers to understand it in full.

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