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Dark Souls III - Stress Test

by Myrthos, 2015-10-20 13:11:22

Over the weekend a stress test for Dark Souls 3 was hosted by From Software. VG247 has an overview of 8 of the changes to the system they have experienced. Here is one of them:

Locations are massive, great sense of scale

You’ve probably seen a bit of this in the trailers, the game’s playable area is very large. It’s not quite on the same level as The Witcher 3 or other open-world RPGs, but it’s the series’ biggest yet.

The first door you open in the game is on a rooftop. From there, you can see three distinct locations that you’re going to come across. You can also see the enemies patrolling them and in some cases, choose which of them to visit first. The area we were allowed to access was very reminiscent of Demon’s Souls 1-1.

Furthermore, it looks like even the smallest of nooks are going to tell stories, just by having a few decorations and certain things that we won’t spoil. Think of Nightmare of Mensis from Bloodborne to give you an idea of of the type of thoughts that’ll go into your head just by entering the place and looking around for five seconds.

The Souls Forum also has some screenshots from the stress test.

Thanks Eye.

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