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Dark Souls Remastered - Review

by Hiddenx, 2018-05-27 09:29:18

Gamingrespawn checked out the remastered version of Dark Souls:

Dark Souls Remastered Review

I remember the first time I played Dark Souls, it put me, and certainly a lot of other players, off when I kept getting my ass handed to me by the towering Asylum Demon you battle at the very beginning. It was a true test of reflexes and patience, giving you an insight to what’s to come if you manage to survive. I traded it in the next day; my journey into Lordran was over before it even began. That was 7 years ago, since then I’ve honed my skills, proudly finishing the second and third games, so it’s only right that I go back to the first game to finish the trilogy.

Well, there is no time like the present and, to my delight, recently Dark Souls has gained the remastered treatment, and rightly so, with a fresh lick of paint and smoother gameplay, I was stoked to jump back in and try it again. For those who missed out, Dark Souls begins the tale of the Lords of Cinder who band together to defeat the ancient dragons in a mystical time where magic and the undead were commonplace. An introductory cutscene sets the tone perfectly as a creepy voice-over tells the tale of how it all played out and what has become of the land of Lordran. Imprisoned in the Undead Asylum, it’s up to you, as a created avatar, to end the Lords of Cinder and bring light to a darkened world. There are characters scattered across the game that give you a smidgen of insight to the lore of Dark Souls, but it’s the imagery that tells you the most. The creepy halls of the Asylum and onto the ruins of Blighttown, they tell a story themselves alongside the brutish and grotesque inhabitants that wander the halls. Dark Souls doesn’t hold your hand, both story-wise and gameplay-wise, and it’s all the more awesome for it.



Now is the time to revisit Lordran in Dark Souls Remastered. The enhanced graphics increase the immersion, and the better implemented multiplayer aspects make it easier to find help or ruin other players. A true classic in every sense.


  • Tight and responsive controls
  • Enhanced graphics make the breathtaking environments even prettier and creepier, regardless of which system you own
  • Punishing difficulty remains but is made a little easier through more accessible co-op
  • Every area, enemy and boss has a story
  • Outstanding boss fights


  •     Some textures still noticeably muddy

Score: 9.5 - Amazing

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