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Darklands - Another Darklands Maybe

by Silver, 2017-08-27 10:48:20

Arnold Hendrick posted this to the Darklands Yahoo group.

Hello, I'm Arnold Hendrick, designer and producer of the original Darklands game from MicroProse in 1992.

We're at the 25th anniversary of the game's publication, and there is STILL interest! Geesh! Now that I've retired from 50-70 hr weeks in the game industry, I actually have the opportunity to consider projects that would have been impossible earlier.

To be specific, I am looking into the possibility of using volunteer labor from game industry professionals to redo Darklands for current generation PCs. There are no Angel investors involved, so this is NOT a paying proposition. If you need a job, look elsewhere. I am also trying to contact current rights-holders to see what is and is not possible. Without legal rights to a rework or sequel, the project would need to morph into a different sandbox-style CRPG based somewhere else in late medieval Europe.

If you are a industry veteran computer programmer or artist, and interested in contributing work, contact me at ajhendrick@... . Again, this is NOT a job opportunity. I'm simply checking to see who might be available.

If you're simply a fan of the game, I'm happy to collect your email. If a project does materialize, and gets sufficiently far to start any promotions, I can get in touch with you.

This project is NOT a sure thing. I'm just making initial investigations.

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