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Depths of Peril - Blog Updates

by Dhruin, 2007-11-12 21:18:13

Steven Peeler has kicked up a bunch of posts for his blog at Soldak, musing on making games, publishers and contracts among other stuff:

So to amuse everyone, here's some of the reject reasons I've heard over the years.  Some of these are for Depths of Peril and some are for previous games/companies.

    * Only publish casual games (nothing wrong with this)
    * Wanted a simplified Diablo game whereas we went the other direction and added some actual depth and new gameplay
    * Only take games for hardcore gamers (hardcore gamers don't like fun games with depth and new gameplay?)
    * Too many RPGs coming out (I forget off hand when this was, but I know as a gamer I had no RPGs to play at the time and only a couple that I was looking forward to)
    * RPGs don't sell well (I believe this was before Baldur's Gate and Diablo 2)
    * The PC market is dying (I have heard this many times over the last decade)

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