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Depths of Peril - Preview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2007-07-31 12:49:49

The latest Depths of Peril look comes from GameZone:

The best part is that Depths of Peril is never predictable due to how dynamic the game world is. Every time you start a new game (which could be quite often) the areas outside of Jorvik are randomly generated as are the rival covenants. Also, there is never any real pattern to when and what quests become available, which means monster uprising can happen pretty much at any time, for example. Or maybe a vendor in town will become petrified, and you have to cure them so you can buy stuff from them. Or maybe your house will suffer a locust infestation, and you have to cure the accompanying status ailment to continue to fight at full capacity. The list goes on.

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Depths of Peril

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