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Depths of Peril - Review, Story Updates

by Dhruin, 2007-12-21 23:51:32

Soldak's Depths of Peril site is pointing out a review at Bytten with the huge score of 92%:

Depths of Peril is a delicious fusion of a few styles of games and has hit a brilliant balance between tactical decision making, strategic gameplay and plain old button mashing mayhem. The player controls an avatar chosen from 4 diverse classes of hero, living in the barbarian town of Jorvik. The player assumes the role of a covenant leader. A covenant is a guild set up within the town to protect against the encroachment of ravaging hordes of baddies in the wilderness surrounding Jorvik. I guess that in a perfect world there would be one large covenant where all members got along amicably and the ale would flow each night over stories of victory of the Light over the Darkness - but Jorvik is a town in a world that is far from perfect.

...and while we're there, the official site also has two new lore stories, describing the mythology of the creation of the barbarian and lumen races.

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