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Depths of Peril - Reviews @ Gaming's Edge, Rampant Coyote

by Dhruin, 2007-10-25 23:27:43

Two articles on Depths of Peril have hit the 'net; not quite formal reviews but close enough.  Here's a snip from Gaming's Edge:

One thing I'm finding out about the game is that it's just as much fun to "win" and then go through the storyline as it is to mess with the other covenants. Sure, raiding is fine and dandy, but the story is interesting enough in its own right that the meta-game of politics and self-preservation against other vicious barbarians can sometimes amplify pressure a bit too much. So, I wiped out all the other covenants and continued playing. Sure, there's a little victory crown telling me, "Um, you know you won already, right?" But I just ignore it and continue to build up my awesome character. Which is cool that the game lets you do that. I've gotten some really awesome loot that way.

...and indie blog Tales of the Rampant Coyote:

What all this means is that your decisions are far more complicated and dynamic than you'd find in most RPGs. There are real consequences to actions, and you can't simply accept every quest that falls in your lap and then complete it "when you get around to it." The game won't wait for you. So you have to decide --- do you push forward in a quest to recruit a high-level mage for your covenant? Or do you let it drop (and risk an aggressive rival covenant recruiting him) while you try and lift a siege which has explosive catapult shot going off all over the city injuring everyone (including your own faction members)? Or do you ignore it all in favor of pursuing greater loot and experience points for your own covenant members? Or do you take advantage of the aggressive rival covenant's current weakness and attack them BEFORE they have a chance to recruit that rival wizard, thus keeping them occupied so they won't have a chance to complete the recruitment quest themselves? Or better yet, do you encourage a conflict between them and a different covenant, weakening them both?

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