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Depths of Peril - Updates @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-05-17 12:57:26

Soldak sent us a note about a couple of new updates for Depths of Peril.  First, the Giant Scorpion, Scorpid and Death Knight have been added to the Monster section and second, a new story titled Draaien and the Ring is up:

Draaien pushed his way past the other orc boys. The tall one shoved him in return, but let him pass. He didn’t fear any of them, though some, like the tall boy, were older than his ten years. The adults wouldn’t tolerate a fight on the trail, and if any held a grudge, he enjoyed a brawl after the grueling day’s march. His side ached. After stretching his arms, he adjusted the heavy sword strapped to his belt. He was clumsy with it, still new to the art of war. Draaien watched the adults closely, and not just at battle.

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