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Depths of Peril - v1.001 Patch @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-09-19 23:41:31

Soldak has kicked up a v1.001 patch for Depths of Peril, with a beta of 1.002 also available.  You can grab both files from their Patches page and here are the notes for 1.001:


  • fixed crash when moving around skill icons that have use hints
  • fixed after are parents typo
  • added DEP issue to troubleshooting in manual
  • added AC 97 driver stuff to troubleshooting section in manual
  • fixed some problems when both enemies have damage on hit effects
  • added tool tip for covenant aggression
  • shifted editor tile layout over a bit
  • fixed some collision issues in crystal type cave
  • now subtract 1900 from zip files year to match normal file system
  • fixed not building uncompressed textures if needed
  • can no longer sell bags with items in it
  • fixed a crash in skill mastery stuff
  • fixed mastery skills effecting the wrong skills
  • now clicking on covenant health bar uses/attacks that covenant's lifestone
  • added disable party member dialog option
  • Information about

    Depths of Peril

    SP/MP: Single-player
    Setting: Fantasy
    Genre: Hack & Slash
    Platform: PC
    Release: Released