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Deus Ex - Deus Ex Revision Expands

by Silver, 2017-11-05 23:46:36

@PCGamesN Deus Ex Revision has a new massive update that expands many areas of the game like Area 51 and is now available on Steam, GOG and Moddb.


As you can see from the trailer above, Revision applies a generous lick of paint to the 17-year-old game, but the changes are far more than cosmetic. A lot of maps have been expanded to feel more like real-life spaces, allowing them to fit in a lot of extra combat encounters, secrets and areas to explore. Some rushed-feeling later areas such as Area 51 have been enormously expanded, making them feel almost entirely new.


It's been just over two years since the initial release of Deus Ex Revision, and developers Caustic Creative haven't been resting on their laurels. To celebrate the second anniversary of their launch, they released a massive update, entitled Mystic, with a smaller update this week polishing it up even further.


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