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Drox Operative - Beta Patch 1.011

by Myrthos, 2013-05-27 23:09:23

Drox Operative beta patch 1.011 can now be downloaded from the Soldak site.

It lists the following changes:

  • overlord quests now give fear and legend points (Gilgamesh)
  • made jump gate/stash area a little safer from storms and asteroids
  • unlucky and poverty modes now give a 5% bonus to XP
  • changed one of Shadow's traits from Defensive to Stealth
  • now handle reduce power load failure better with components that have no durability (namad)
  • fixed some problems with Hellfire because it didn't have a max range (Tyrax Lightning)
  • added max range to Plasma Web and Radiation Pulse Weapon
  • delivering needed items now reduces fear points by 0.5 (not a lot but some)
  • 3rd party NPCs (like in rebellions) are now neutral parties that no one attacks (CaptainWinky)
  • increased ECCM components attack per level from 15.0 to 30.0 (Tuidjy)
  • monster missiles now do more damage to compensate for slower firing rate
  • fixed ship build time being classified when you have a quest to protect that planet
  • change race power comparison values a lot (increase planets value by 20X and tech value by 4X)
  • added many more names to ships random name generator
  • fixed some help topics not getting added correctly if added on first frame (Steve)
  • fixed planet name in recession/depression events
  • ceasefire label now show up when highlighting Drox logo on relations screen
  • now ceasefire text has commas for large costs
  • now show race in boss quest titles
  • show names now works on sector map
  • fixed nevermind, cancel, and money localizations (DarthNihilus)
  • changed Galaxy to Sector in help
  • fixed Entering, Legendary, Normal, Rarity, Durability, Duration, and Requires localization (DarthNihilus)
  • changed JumpGate localization so the word order can be changed (DarthNihilus)
  • added depth range support in shaders
  • now mention permanently dead/broken on components in hardcore
  • no longer count unfixable hardcore components in total repair cost
  • no longer show a repair cost on component if unfixable due to hardcore
  • should no longer get stuck messages from eliminated races
  • fixed Accept, Solve, Ignore, Reject, Demand, and Clear localization (DarthNihilus)


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